Why Did KSI Leave Prime: The Inside Scoop

KSI, the popular YouTuber, boxer, and rapper, has been in the news recently for his decision to leave Prime, a sports drink company he co-founded with Logan Paul.

The move has left many fans wondering why KSI would choose to leave a company that seemed to be doing well. The answer, it turns out, is more complicated than many people initially thought.

According to KSI, the decision to leave Prime was not easy. In a recent interview on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, KSI revealed that he had contemplated leaving Prime before the product even hit shelves.

However, he ultimately decided to stick with the company, which generated $250 million in retail sales. Despite this success, KSI eventually agreed it was time to move on, citing a desire to focus on other projects.

KSI’s Career and YouTube Success


KSI, whose real name is Olajide Olatunji, is a British YouTuber, rapper, and boxer.

YouTube Success

He rose to fame on YouTube in the early 2010s with his FIFA gameplay videos, which gained millions of views and subscribers. Over the years, he diversified his content to include music, vlogs, challenges, and collaborations with other content creators.

KSI’s YouTube success has been remarkable. As of July 2023, he has over 25 million subscribers on his main channel and over 10 million subscribers on his second channel. His videos have been viewed over 7 billion times.

He has won several awards for his content, including two YouTube Diamond Play Buttons and a Shorty Award for Best YouTube Comedian.

Other Career Success

Apart from his YouTube career, KSI has also ventured into other areas.

He has released several music singles and albums, some charted in the UK and other countries. He has also appeared in movies and TV shows, including the 2021 film “Laid in America” and the Amazon Prime series “The Sidemen Show.”

KSI’s boxing career has also been a significant part of his success. He started boxing in 2018 and has since fought in several high-profile matches, including two bouts against fellow YouTuber Logan Paul.

His first fight against Paul in 2018 was among the most-watched, with over 1 million pay-per-view buys. He has also expressed interest in future fighting in the UFC or WWE.

KSI’s Involvement With Prime

In 2022, KSI announced a partnership with Logan Paul, a fellow YouTuber, to launch a sports drink called Prime Hydration. The duo’s energy drink company, Prime, was created to provide a healthier alternative to traditional sports drinks to help athletes perform at their best.

KSI was a significant player in the creation of Prime, working closely with Logan Paul to develop the brand and its products. The company’s flagship product, Prime Energy Drink, was designed to be a low-calorie, low-sugar alternative to other energy drinks.

He was heavily involved in producing the energy drink and was crucial in promoting the product to his millions of followers on social media. But despite KSI’s involvement, the YouTuber announced in early 2023 that he would leave the company.

The reasons behind KSI’s departure from Prime are not entirely clear, but it is believed that there were disagreements between KSI and his business partner, Logan Paul. This raised questions about the future of the company. However, Logan Paul has stated that he plans to continue production and distribution.

Prime Hydration and Its Products

Prime Hydration is a sports drink brand that has been making waves in the market since its inception. The brand has gained popularity quickly thanks to its unique marketing strategies and the influence of the founders.

The brand’s flagship product is the Prime Hydration drink, marketed as a hydration drink for athletes. The drink is formulated to replenish electrolytes and provide energy to athletes during and after their workouts. It comes in a sleek and stylish bottle designed to attract consumers.

Prime Hydration has also expanded its product lineup to include an energy drink called Prime Energy. The energy drink is a highly caffeinated beverage marketed as an alternative to Red Bull and other energy drinks. The drink comes in a 12-ounce can containing 200 milligrams of caffeine, six times more than caffeine in a regular soda card.

The production and retail sales of Prime Hydration’s products have been growing steadily since the brand’s launch. The brand has successfully created a loyal customer base that appreciates the quality and effectiveness of its products.

Marketing and Influence of Prime

logan paul

The tremendous influence of social media and content creators on consumer habits played a significant role in Prime’s success.

Logan Paul used various marketing stunts to promote the energy drink, including creating a buzz on TikTok and Instagram, which helped sell the product within hours of launching. The drink’s marketing campaign also included a limited-edition flavor, which added to its exclusivity and appeal.

Influencer marketing was another critical factor in Prime’s success. KSI and Logan Paul are well-known content creators with millions of subscribers, and their endorsement of the product helped increase its popularity.

The brand’s marketing strategy was designed to appeal to a younger audience and capitalize on the popularity of social media. By partnering with popular content creators and leveraging social media platforms, Prime was able to generate buzz and create a sense of exclusivity around the product.

The Impact of KSI’s Departure

KSI’s departure from Prime significantly impacted the business and its stock. It triggered a series of events that resulted in losses for both parties. The news surprised many, as the company had just announced a major production run of ten million bottles.

According to Logan Paul, KSI left the group chat the day before the production run began. This last-minute decision by KSI caused significant financial losses for the company.

The departure of KSI also hurt Prime’s stock. The company’s stock price dropped significantly following the news of KSI’s departure. This drop in stock price resulted in significant losses for shareholders, including Logan Paul.

Despite the setbacks, Prime has continued to operate and produce energy drinks. The company has also expanded its product line to include beverages like coffee and tea.

KSI’s Future Plans

KSI’s departure from Prime has left many wondering what his plans are. The rapper and businessman has diverse interests, including music, boxing, and social media marketing.

In terms of music, KSI has released several successful albums and singles, including his latest album, “All Over the Place,” which debuted at number one on the UK album charts. He has also collaborated with high-profile artists like Lil Wayne and Anne-Marie.

KSI has also made a name for himself in the boxing world, with two highly publicized fights against fellow YouTuber Logan Paul. While he has not announced any upcoming contests, he has expressed interest in potentially fighting in the UFC or WWE.

Outside of music and boxing, KSI has also made a name for himself in social media marketing. He has a large following on platforms and will likely continue to make waves in music, boxing, and marketing with his diverse interests and talents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was KSI’s involvement with Prime?

KSI, whose real name is Olajide Olatunji, was a co-founder of Prime, a sports drink company he launched with fellow YouTuber Logan Paul in January 2022. The duo had previously feuded but put their differences aside to start the business.

Did KSI sell his ownership in Prime?

It is not clear whether KSI sold his ownership in Prime. However, he did announce his departure from the company in February 2023, citing “creative differences” with the other partners.

What led to KSI’s departure from Prime?

KSI’s departure from Prime was reportedly due to “creative differences” with the other partners. According to Logan Paul, KSI tried to quit the company the day before it launched, but he eventually changed his mind. However, KSI later left the company, which caused some tension between the partners.

How much of Prime did KSI actually own?

It is not clear how much of Prime KSI actually owned. However, he was one of the company’s co-founders, along with Logan Paul and others.

Who currently owns Prime?

It is not clear who currently owns Prime. However, the company still operates and sells its sports drink products online.

Is there any connection between KSI leaving Prime and his departure from Sidemen?

It is unclear if there is any connection between KSI leaving Prime and his departure from Sidemen, a British YouTube group he was a part of. However, KSI mentioned in a video that he was leaving Sidemen to focus on his projects, which may have included his work with Prime.

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