50 Songs About Social Media: The Soundtrack to Our Online Lives

In the age of 280 characters and fleeting Stories, music offers a deep dive into the world of social media’s impact on our lives. From the alluring glow of screens to the sting of an unexpected ‘unfollow’, artists across genres are capturing the digital age’s essence. This curated list takes you on a journey through songs that resonate with our online experiences, reflecting the emotions, challenges, and sometimes, the nostalgia of a simpler past.

The Allure of Digital Fame

In a world where every like, share, and comment is a potential step towards stardom, the allure of digital fame has never been more tantalizing. From the euphoria of a post gone viral to the existential dread of being “cancelled,” these tracks delve deep into the psyche of the digital influencer. They echo the highs and lows of seeking validation in a digital realm, painting a vivid picture of a world where every post, tweet, or story could be the next big thing or the start of a downfall.

“But first, let me take a selfie”

The Chainsmokers, “Selfie”
YouTube video

The Chainsmokers capture the obsession with social media validation through selfies in this upbeat track.

“Oh! Life’s about joy, life’s about pain”

Shania Twain, “Life’s About to Get Good”
YouTube video

Shania Twain touches on the theme of presenting an ideal life on social media, contrasting with real-life challenges.

“Do it for the love, not for the likes”

Chronixx, “Likes”
YouTube video

Chronixx encourages authenticity, urging people to act out of genuine love and not for social media validation.

“Ayy, I’m like “B****, who is your mans?””

YouTube video

XXXTENTACION’s track highlights the desire for attention and recognition in the digital age.

“You keep me up all night”

Charlie Puth, “Up All Night”
YouTube video

Charlie Puth’s song captures the sleepless nights spent on social media, reflecting the modern age’s digital addiction.

“This love can’t go viral”

Lil Durk, “Viral Moment”
YouTube video

Lil Durk expresses how genuine love and feelings can’t simply go “viral” like social media trends.

The Loneliness Behind the Screen

Ironically, in an era of constant connectivity, feelings of isolation seem more profound than ever. As our screen time increases, face-to-face interactions diminish. These songs capture the silent screams of solitude that often get drowned amidst the sea of online chatter. They explore the paradoxical loneliness that can accompany endless scrolling, fleeting online friendships, and the yearning for genuine human connections.

“Too proud to give up, but hearts are still delicate”

Clean Bandit ft. Marina, “Disconnect”
YouTube video

“Disconnect” by Clean Bandit ft. Marina touches on the irony of feeling isolated in an age of constant online connectivity. The song resonates with anyone who has ever felt alone in a crowd or yearned for a deeper connection amidst a sea of superficial online interactions.

“Everybody knows my past now”

Justin Bieber & Benny Blanco, “Lonely”
YouTube video

Justin Bieber, in collaboration with Benny Blanco, delves into the loneliness that can come from living in the public eye, especially in the age of social media.

“So it’s over, yeah we’re through, so I’ll unfriend you”

Greyson Chance, “Unfriend You”
YouTube video

Greyson Chance captures the digital age act of “unfriending” someone as a symbolic end to a relationship.

“You don’t even know what you’re missing”

Tate McRae, “One Day”
YouTube video

Tate McRae expresses feelings of longing and yearning, emphasizing the distance that can sometimes be felt even in close online connections.

“I’m so much cooler online”

Brad Paisley, “Online”
YouTube video

Brad Paisley satirically delves into the idea of presenting a better version of oneself online, contrasting with the loneliness and insecurities of real life.

“Turn it on, turn it up, and sing along”

Chase Rice, “Lonely If You Are”
YouTube video

Chase Rice touches on the theme of seeking connection and reaching out to someone when feeling lonely.

“I know that you’re with me, you’re with me, you’re with me”

Bayonne, “I Know”
YouTube video

Bayonne conveys a sense of assurance and connection, despite the feelings of isolation that can come from digital interactions.

Nostalgia for Simpler Times

There’s a growing yearning for days gone by, days before the digital takeover, when connections were tangible, and distractions were minimal. These songs transport listeners to a time when memories were etched in photo albums rather than cloud storage, and conversations happened over coffee rather than keyboards. They evoke a sense of nostalgia for moments when life’s pace was slower, and perhaps, more meaningful.

Back to the Start by Michael Schulte

“Take me back to the start”

Michael Schulte, “Back to the Start”
YouTube video

Michael Schulte reminisces about simpler times, longing for moments before the digital age took over.

Old Days by Yellow Claw & San Holo

“Miss those days”

Yellow Claw & San Holo, “Old Days”
YouTube video

Yellow Claw & San Holo bring a touch of nostalgia, reminiscing about the old days before digital distractions.

Yesterday by The Beatles

“All my troubles seemed so far away”

The Beatles, “Yesterday”
YouTube video

The Beatles’ classic song, though not directly about the digital age, evokes a powerful sense of nostalgia for times gone by.

Remember When by Alan Jackson

“Remember when thirty seemed so old”

Alan Jackson, “Remember When”
YouTube video

Alan Jackson takes listeners through a journey of life, evoking feelings of nostalgia for moments past.

Rewind by Rascal Flatts

“Wish I could rewind a little”

Rascal Flatts, “Rewind”
YouTube video

Rascal Flatts captures the desire to go back in time and relive precious moments.

1999 by Charli XCX & Troye Sivan

“I just wanna go back, back to 1999”

Charli XCX & Troye Sivan, “1999”
YouTube video

Charli XCX & Troye Sivan bring forth the nostalgia of the pre-social media era, reminiscing about the year 1999.

The Digital Breakup

The rules of romance have been rewritten in the age of social media. Breakups are no longer just personal; they’re often painfully public. The act of unfollowing or being ghosted can sting just as much, if not more, than traditional heartbreak. These tracks capture the unique dynamics of digital-age relationships, where ending things is just a click away, but moving on can be a labyrinth of painful online reminders.

Mute by Josie Dunne

“Wish I could put you on mute”

Josie Dunne, “Mute”
YouTube video

Josie Dunne uses the metaphor of “muting” someone, akin to silencing their presence in one’s life.

Digital Love by Daft Punk

“Last night I had a dream about you”

Daft Punk, “Digital Love”
YouTube video

Daft Punk captures the ephemeral nature of digital love, where emotions can feel both intense and fleeting.

Digital Dependency

The pings of notifications, the compulsion to capture every moment for an online audience, the incessant need to be “in the loop”—our attachment to our digital devices is both a boon and a bane. These songs resonate with the modern struggle of balancing the convenience of technology with its all-consuming nature. They narrate tales of our overwhelming dependency on screens, the joys and jitters of an always-online life.

Phone by Lizzo

“Where the hell my phone?”

Lizzo, “Phone”
YouTube video

Lizzo captures the anxiety and dependency many feel towards their phones in this catchy track.

Surf by Mac Miller

“Sometimes I get lonely, not when I’m alone”

Mac Miller, “Surf”
YouTube video

Mac Miller delves into the irony of feeling lonely despite being constantly connected online.

No Phone by Cake

“No phone, no phone, I just want to be alone today”

Cake, “No Phone”
YouTube video

Cake sings about the desire to disconnect and the freedom that comes from being unreachable.

Break Up in the End by Cole Swindell

“Even if I knew you’d be the one that got away”

Cole Swindell, “Break Up in the End”
YouTube video

Cole Swindell touches upon the pain of ending things, further amplified in the digital age where memories linger online.

Ring Ring by Jax Jones ft. Mabel & Rich The Kid

“Hello, you there?”

Jax Jones ft. Mabel & Rich The Kid, “Ring Ring”
YouTube video

This song encapsulates the anxiety of waiting for a message or call, highlighting our dependency on digital communication.

Hang Up by Hot Chelle Rae

“I don’t wanna hang up”

Hot Chelle Rae, “Hang Up”
YouTube video

Hot Chelle Rae captures the reluctance of ending a phone call, symbolizing the attachment many have to their digital devices.

Text Me in the Morning by Neon Trees

“Text me in the morning”

Neon Trees, “Text Me in the Morning”
YouTube video

Neon Trees delve into the dynamics of modern relationships, where a text message can hold so much significance.

The Quest for Authenticity

In a digital landscape dotted with avatars, pseudonyms, and profiles, the search for one’s true self can be a daunting journey. These songs traverse the quest for authenticity in a world that often values the virtual over the real. They highlight the challenges of staying genuine in an environment that often rewards conformity, urging listeners to embrace their unique identities amidst the digital din.

Real Friends by Camila Cabello

“I’m just lookin’ for some real friends”

Camila Cabello, “Real Friends”
YouTube video

Camila Cabello highlights the challenge of finding genuine connections amidst the superficiality of the digital age.

Truthfully by DNCE

“Could you love me the same?”

DNCE, “Truthfully”
YouTube video

DNCE delves into the vulnerability of seeking authenticity and acceptance in a world often dominated by facades.

Digital Witness by St. Vincent

“What’s the point of even sleeping?”

St. Vincent, “Digital Witness”
YouTube video

St. Vincent critiques the obsessive nature of our digital lives, questioning the very essence of our online existence.

Face to Face by Ruel

“I need to see you face to face”

Ruel, “Face to Face”
YouTube video

Ruel emphasizes the importance of genuine human connection, preferring face-to-face interactions over digital ones.

Unpretty by TLC

“You can buy your hair if it won’t grow”

TLC, “Unpretty”
YouTube video

TLC touches upon the societal standards of beauty, urging listeners to embrace their authentic selves.

Digital Age by Daniela Andrade

“We were born in the digital age”

Daniela Andrade, “Digital Age”
YouTube video

Daniela Andrade speaks of the challenges and blessings of being born in the digital era, emphasizing the quest for true identity.

The Facade of Perfection

The digital realm often mirrors a stage, where every user is an actor, and every post is a performance. The pressure to maintain a flawless facade, to keep up with the ever-shifting standards of online beauty and success, can be overwhelming. These tracks delve into the world of filters, curated feeds, and the relentless pursuit of online perfection. They expose the vulnerabilities and insecurities that often lurk behind those picture-perfect posts.

Fake Happy by Paramore

“Oh please, I bet everybody here is fake happy too”

Paramore, “Fake Happy”
YouTube video

Paramore delves into the masks we wear to appear content and fulfilled, even when we might be crumbling inside.

Pretty Girl by Maggie Lindemann

“Some days I’m broke, some days I’m rich”

Maggie Lindemann, “Pretty Girl”
YouTube video

Maggie Lindemann challenges the notion of being valued solely for appearance, reminding us of the depth beneath the surface.

Instagram by DEAN

“Instagram, it’s a problem”

DEAN, “Instagram”
YouTube video

DEAN captures the ennui and melancholy that can come with endless scrolling through picture-perfect feeds.

Perfect by Anne-Marie

“Don’t feel like putting makeup on my cheeks”

Anne-Marie, “Perfect To Me”
YouTube video

Anne-Marie celebrates imperfections and the beauty of being oneself without the pressures of societal standards.

Everything’s Embarrassing by Sky Ferreira

“Could you tell me what you see?”

Sky Ferreira, “Everything’s Embarrassing”
YouTube video

Sky Ferreira touches on feelings of inadequacy and the constant self-doubt many face in the age of social media.

No Filter by Black Coast ft. Madison Love

“See my face with no filter”

Black Coast ft. Madison Love, “No Filter”
YouTube video

A song that emphasizes raw authenticity, and the courage to present oneself without any digital enhancements.

The Social Media Love Affair

Love in the age of the internet is a complex web of DMs, likes, and emojis. The digital realm has transformed the way we connect, flirt, and even fall in love. From the thrill of the first message to the heartbreak of ghosting, these tracks capture the unique rollercoaster of emotions that come with online romances.

e-girls are ruining my life! by CORPSE & Savage Ga$p

“Choke me like you hate me”

CORPSE & Savage Ga$p, “e-girls are ruining my life!”
YouTube video

A track that delves into the world of online infatuations, particularly with the internet personas people create.

Internet Crush by Merrell Twins

“Got a little crush on you”

Merrell Twins, “Internet Crush”
YouTube video

A lighthearted look at online crushes and the excitement of connecting with someone new on the internet.

Emoji by Galantis

“Send me an emoji, let me know how you feel”

Galantis, “Emoji”
YouTube video

Galantis captures the modern way of expressing feelings and flirtations through emojis.

Cyber Stockholm Syndrome by Rina Sawayama

“Come alive online”

Rina Sawayama, “Cyber Stockholm Syndrome”
YouTube video

Rina Sawayama discusses the complexities of online relationships and the comfort some find in virtual interactions.

Text Me by DPR LIVE

“Text me when you free”

DPR LIVE, “Text Me”
YouTube video

DPR LIVE captures the anticipation and excitement of waiting for a message from someone you are interested in.

Echo Chambers and Filter Bubbles

In today’s digital age, echo chambers and filter bubbles are more prevalent than ever. These insular environments, shaped by algorithms and selective exposure, limit our access to diverse perspectives. The songs in this category shed light on the dangers of these bubbles, urging us to step out and embrace the vast spectrum of ideas beyond our comfort zones.

Bubble by King Creosote & Jon Hopkins

“I’ll be the bubble on your wall”

King Creosote & Jon Hopkins, “Bubble”
YouTube video

A metaphorical take on the isolating effects of living in a self-imposed bubble, detached from the broader world.

Repeat by Young the Giant

“Same old song, on repeat”

Young the Giant, “Repeat”
YouTube video

Young the Giant captures the monotony of hearing the same narratives, indicative of the repetitive nature of echo chambers.

“Bubblegum” by Clairo

“I’m trying not to stare, but you’ve been playing everywhere”

Clairo, “Bubblegum”
YouTube video

Clairo’s “Bubblegum” subtly touches on the idea of seeing the same thing everywhere, echoing the repetitive nature of digital echo chambers.

“Paranoia” by Max Frost

“I keep looking over my shoulder, peeping around corners”

Max Frost, “Paranoia”
YouTube video

Max Frost’s “Paranoia” delves into the anxiety of being surrounded by the same narratives and the yearning to break free from the confines of a bubble.

“Isolation” by Joy Division

“Mother I tried, please believe me. I’m doing the best that I can”

Joy Division, “Isolation”
YouTube video

A classic track from Joy Division, “Isolation” speaks to the loneliness and seclusion that can come from being trapped in one’s own echo chamber, both digitally and mentally.

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