Has Dana Stubblefield’s Net worth Increased Since His Arrest?

Born on the 14th of November, 1970, Dana William Stubblefield is a renowned former professional player in American football. He went to high school at Taylor, North Bend, Ohio. He was raised by a single mother and stayed with the Heath family in Cincinnati, whom he considered his second parents. He then went to the University of Kansas, where he played on the defensive line from 1989-1992. He completed his college career, having garnered 168tackles and 19 sacks leading KU to the Aloha bowl during his final season.

Stubblefield’s Career and Net worth

Stubblefield is best known for his play in the National Football League (NFL), where he won NFL Defensive Player of the Year, 1997. He played for 5years with the 49ers and was a Super Bowl champion. He also played with the Washington Redskins and later the Oakland Raiders. Just before the 2004 season, he had signed with the New England Patriots, but he got an injury that ended his career.

Dana Stubblefield net worth stood at $1.5 million before his arrest but still stands at that as it is under review. He, however, spent a wholesome amount on his trials, such as attorney fees and a bail worth $500,000, which significantly impacted his progress. Besides his career in football as a defensive tackle that got him contracts worth millions, Stubblefield also worked as a Sports commentator. He got his additional salary and was associated with charities such as Special Olympics, where he earned his living. He was also an actor in the movie Reindeer Games and was part of Football TV series documentaries such as ESPN Sports Century and other football series such as NFL on Fox, The NFL on CBS and NFL Monday Night Live.

A deeper delve into the life of Dana William Stubblefield

He is currently 51 years old and was born in Cleves, Ohio, where he spent most of his childhood. He is 6ft 2″ tall with an average weight of 135kg.

Stubblefield was married to Terri and had two children together, a daughter and a son with a three-year difference. He did as much as possible to keep his family private, leaving little to no information on his parents or siblings and minimal information and pictures of his spouse and children. Their marriage, however, ended after seven years(February 2016) due to what the wife describes as “irreconcilable differences”.

This separation was during the period where he was accused of rape of a developmentally disabled babysitter in their Morgan Hill Home, having lured her through a job in his home in 2015. However, he claimed that the accusations were false and the ordeal was consensual. He was later charged in 2016. After a nine-month trial, he was found guilty of the sexual assault in the Santa Clara Court; and the verdict had him sentenced to 15 years to life in October 2020. His attorneys tried to appeal the case but to no success. The once legendary American football defensive tackle star is currently in jail, serving the sentence. The family managed and continues to survive through donations such as gofundme by Tracey Kroot.

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