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Alexander O’Neal was born on November 15, 1953.

He’s a well-known American R&B singer, songwriter, and arranger known for his popular songs, including “If You Were Here Tonight”, “Fake,” and “Criticize,” among many other hits. Before he became famous, you would’ve found him performing with a Minneapolis cover band called The Mystics.

He started out as a solo artist in the mid-1980s with 11 songs making to the Top 40 singles on the American R&B chart, 3 of which also got on the Top 40 on the American pop chart. His song Saturday Love reached No. 6 in the UK singles chart, this aided his rise to fame tremendously. Some say he’s one of the best singers to come from Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis’ label from the 80s.

He was very successful. Let’s learn more about net worth and personal life.

Alexander O’Neal Income and Net Worth

His net worth is around $3 million as of 2021. Throughout his extensive and successful career, he’s been popping in both the UK and the US charts regularly. Alexander O’Neal salary is not known to the public.

Alexander O’Neal Earning

It’s reported that he earns roughly $400,000 per year.

Short Biography

Let’s take a little dive into his personal life and career.

Alexander O’Neal was born in Natchez, Mississippi. However, he moved to Minneapolis at the age of 20 and enrolled in Alcorn State University. According to his net worth, he’s one of the richest R&B singers who gathered fame as a solo artist from 1985 to the present-day and gifted the world great songs.

Alexander O’Neal Age

He will celebrate his 69th birthday in 2022.

Alexander O’Neal Height

He stands at 5 feet 2 inches tall. However, his weight isn’t publicly disclosed. There isn’t much information about O’Neal’s parents or siblings online either. In his interviews, he said that he developed a passion for music in his teens. He visited Natchez High School but didn’t want to study.

Personal Life

Alexander O’Neal, born in Natchez, moved to Minneapolis at the age of 20 and enrolled in Alcorn State University. However, his mission wasn’t to further his education but to start his music career. Many people advised Alexander O’Neal to quit trying to accomplish his dreams and continue his education, but he never gave up music.

Alexander O’Neal Drug Use

Instead, he became a successful musician and television personality. According to his interviews, Alexander O’Neal tried everything during his years in show business, including drugs. However, he’s healthy now. Some of his greatest hits include “Sunshine,” “Fake,” and many other romantic songs.

Now, let’s take a deep dive into the professional music career of the R&B singer.

Professional Career

Alexander O’Neal kicked off his career playing in different bands which weren’t very popular. He played for The Mystics and Wynd Chymes and several others.

Rise with Prince

Prince, the popular singer, helped Alexander O’Neal further his career by providing support and landing a contract with Warner Bros. Alexander O’Neal also played in “The Time” band but left it due to some disagreements with Prince. Then, O’Neal relocated to Chicago and started the “Alexander” band.

Wasn’t Always Sunshine and Rainbows

His net worth was very low at the time because the band didn’t get much recognition. Luckily, the world recognized his talent and started embracing his songs when he started a solo career. His earnings skyrocketed when he started to do concerts and released his first solo album.

The “Alexander O’Neal” album was released in 1985 and was a success. Over the years, Alexander O’Neal released 9 albums. He also became a popular television personality.

Alexander O’Neal Dating History

Alexander O’Neal hasn’t released any public information about his love life or his partner from America, spouse Cynthia O’Neal. The popular R&B singer is married to Cynthia O’Neal. Alexander O’Neal has 8 children. However, it’s unclear if Cynthia is the mother of any of them.

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