Anton Kraly Net Worth – How Rich is the Drop Shipping Expert?

Anton Kraly is an American serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Drop Ship Lifestyle & eCommerce Lifestyle.

Anton Kraly Net Worth

Anton Kraly’s net worth is around $4 million USD. A major part of his money is from his online ventures like eCommerce stores, Amazon Affiliate stores, promoting different Affiliate Networks and creating digital products including the Drop Ship Lifestyle (DSL) which he founded in January 2019 and has been running for 9 years now.

Kraly has his own website where people can know more about him and his business. Drop Ship Lifestyle is an online training system & community for eCommerce entrepreneurs. He founded it to help young entrepreneurs to have or gain tools needed to succeed. 

He has taught over 5,000 students about drop shipping and how to thrive in the eCommerce industry. Indeed, his wealth comes from selling drop shipping courses.

Anton also published his first book called “Drop Ship Secrets” in 2019. In addition, he also has his own blog called Dropship Lifestyle.

Personal Life

Anton Kraly is an American entrepreneur or businessman. There is not much information available on the internet about his family or siblings.

In terms of his education, it is stated that Kraly graduated from college in the year 2006. According to him, after college, he was lost and he didn’t know what to do. He spent $25,000 on a delivery van to sell cookies in Merrick, Long Island, in New York. He later read the book called “The Four Hour Workweek,” authored by Tim Ferris. 

After reading the book, Kraly pondered on how his company can make more money using a better way or a different approach. He created an online store “” He made this website so he could sell his cookies online which is more convenient than driving all around time.

Professional Career

After the creation of the website to sell his cookies, his business became successful. He and his business partner decided to sell other items. They decided to outsource various pieces of furniture from China. The company earned $1.2 million three years later and they became very successful. They sold their company for $1.8 million the following year. 

With his success in eCommerce, he founded Drop Ship Lifestyle in January 2013. Kraly has been enjoying his laptop lifestyle as he calls it. He is happy that he is free from all the problems of having a physical store.

On his website, his drop shipping course has four different sections including Drop Ship Blueprint, Adwords PPC Course, Paid Social Traffic Course and Events. Every section has its own modules and sub-sections. It consists of 151 videos that are 33 hours and 30 minutes long. Even after taking the course, Anton still emphasizes that in order to succeed in dropshipping, hard work is very important. 

Was Anton Kraly Married?

Anton Kraly is happily married to his wife. There is not much information about his lovely family but it is reported that the couple has been blessed with a child.

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