Suicideboys Net Worth – How Rich is this Hip Hop Due?

Suicideboys ($uicideboy$) is an American hip hop duo that was founded by two cousins Ruby da Cherry and Scrim in New Orleans, Louisiana. The duo became popular through social media platforms, especially SoundCloud.

Suicide Boys make and distribute that music through their own label called G*59 Records. Let’s discuss $uicideboy$ net worth to figure out how rich this hip-hop duo is.

Origin Story

As mentioned, the band was founded by two cousins, Ruby da Cherry, Aristos Petrou, and Scrim, Scott Anthony Arceneaux Jr in 2014. Ruby da Cherry was born on 22 April 1990 on the East Bank and Scott Arceneaux Jr was born on 11 April 1989 on the West Bank, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Both of the artists were interested in music from a young age and used to play different instruments in high school bands. They made the Suicide Boys rap duo in 2014 because they were unhappy with their life. Some resources suggest that the cousins also said that they’ll commit suicide if their music career wouldn’t work out.

However, they got popular across the globe within no time and their music is now considered to be one of the best works in the underground rap scene. Their music has harsh lyrical content, self-destructive ideation, misery, satanism, and self-produced beats. That’s why it’s considered different from traditional rap and has been categorized as trap metal and punk rap.

Ruby da Cherry and Scrim are now known by their stage names, Suicide Leopard and Monikers Suicide Christ respectively. The duo says that they were inspired by famous artists and bands including OutKast, Cash Money, T-Pain, Kanye West, and Misfits.


Suicide Boys released their very first project in 2014. It’s called “Kill Yourself Part I: the $uicide $aga. It’s a three-track EP and you can access it using SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

After that, the duo collaborated with Black Smurf and released Gray/Grey, which was their first complete project. Suicide Boys also collaborated with Pouya, a rapper from South Florida, and released “$outh $ide $uicide” in 2015.

However, the first studio album of Suicide Boys was released in 2018, named “I want to Die in New Orleans”, which is one of the most popular projects of Suicideboys. Dark Side of the Clouds and DirtierNastierSuicide are also among the duo’s popular hits in the music industry.

Suicide Boys have also started their own record label, which is called G*59 Records. Other members of this record also joined the duo for their 2021 tour.

Social Media Presence

Social media played a key role in the duo’s popularity. Both of the artists have separate personal accounts on Instagram with a hefty following. They used these accounts to inform their following about their new music tours and songs.

However, they share their YouTube channel where they have more than three million subscribers. You can also listen to their songs using Spotify where the Suicide Boys collects more than nine million active monthly listeners.

Suicideboys Net Worth

As of 2022, the estimated net worth of Suicide Boys is around $2.5 to $3 million. Both the partners were able to earn this wealth because of their unique content. Initially, they released many EPs, but now the duo has upgraded itself to its current Suicide tags.

Ruby Da Cherry Net Worth

The net worth of Ruby Da Cherry is estimated to be $1.5 to $2 million. He’s very popular on Instagram and has more than 1.3 million subscribers there.

Scrim Rapper Net Worth

The Scrim Rapper’s net worth is estimated to be $1 to $1.5 million.

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