What Happened to Sam O’Nella? Why Did He Stop Uploading Videos?

Sam O’Nella a former educational American comedic content creator on Youtube.

Personal History

Sam O’Nella was born in 1998 in the United States of America. His real name or birth name is Sam Miller. His Youtube name, Sam O’Nella is a play on Salmonella.

There is no information available about his parents or if he has any siblings. However, it was stated that he studied chemical engineering. It was also reported that he resides in Delaware in the United States.

Professional History

Sam O’Nella or Sam Miller created his Youtube account on June 14, 2016. His channel is called Sam O’Nella Academy where he has 3.56 million subscribers. It also has more than 533 million views in total.

The very same day, he uploaded his first video called “The Fire — Miscellaneous Mondays.” In the mentioned video, the Youtuber  told the story of a huge fire he saw when he was a young boy.

At the beginning, he originally wanted to upload one video per day. This happened as he uploaded videos every day including informational and educational ones, and random stories and rants. On June 24, 2016, Sam O’Nella uploaded a video about poisonous foods. This became his last daily video.

The most popular video he created is titled “Historical Misconceptions for You to Bring Up during Family Dinner.”

His last video before going off the grid for reasons not known is “World War II’s Unluckiest Ship, the William D. Porter” which was uploaded on January 29, 2020. 

What happened to Sam O’Nella

Sam O Nella, the famous comedic and educational Youtuber, has not been seen on the platform since 2020. His sudden disappearance from the content creation scene has caused worry to many of his fans and more people.

After about two years of being not on Youtube, many people in different social networking sites have expressed concern about Sam. There are threads on Reddit about his disappearance, as well as various comments on Youtube.

In January 2020, Sam O’Nella last uploaded a video to YouTube. He has not uploaded anything since then. Initially, many people thought he just had to focus on his studies and he had been affected by the pandemic. There was even a rumor that circulated around saying that he died because of COVID-19. This proved to be false as Sam tweeted in June of 2021. He also made a reddit thread stating that he wants to come back to Youtube for real. He even asked for ideas on what videos he should make. After that thread, nobody has heard from him again nor has he uploaded any videos on Youtube.

Sam O’Nella Relationship Status

Sam O’Nella prefers to keep his relationships in private. There is no information about his dating history.

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