What Happened to Brojects? Who Are Kevin and Andrew Buckles?

“Brojects” is a television series hosted by brothers Andrew and Kevin Buckles. The show is mainly about DIY home projects.

Personal Life

Andrew and Kevin Buckles grew up in Nova Scotia in Canada. Nova Scotia is Latin for “New Scotland.” Majority of the residents are native English speakers.

The brothers are both happily married. Kevin Buckles is married to Christie Buckles. Christie is also seen many times on the show. On the other hand, Andrew is married to Ashley Kruse.

Their official Twitter account has over 6K followers while their Facebook has more than 13k followers.

Professional Career

The “Brojects” is a TV series from Cottage Life TV which follows the real life brothers Kevin and Andrew Buckles as they take a break from their everyday lives and go to their cottage sanctuary. In the show, they engage in equally fun and challenging cottage building projects.

They continue to share to the viewers fun and innovative ideas to transform their simple cottage to an extraordinary one.

Kevin is the older brother and is often the one with a realistic take on their projects. He is also known to be very afraid of bears. Andrew is the younger one and is called ‘June’ by Kevin. He is the more creative one between the two brothers and ensures that their projects are truly unique. Sometimes, they seek help from their very close friend Walker, who they consider their brother from another mother. He is the guy they call if their projects start to go downhill. Walker is an engineer by profession.

Their wives Christie and Ashley also frequently appear on the show. It is amazing to watch the brothers go through the process of designing and building various projects which include outdoor movie theaters, dens, balconies, floating hot tubs, water ski jumps, and many more.

“Brojects” is produced by Farmhouse Productions Ltd. for Cottage Life, along with Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund.

What happened to Brojects

The Cottage Life TV series “Brojects” is set in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, where brothers Andrew and Kevin Buckles grew up and still live. They  transformed their family cottage into the ultimate sanctuary for them.

Unfortunately, the TV series “Brojects” was canceled after only the third season.

Brojects Relationship Status

Kevin Buckles is married to Christie Buckles while his younger brother, Andrew is married to Ashley Kruse. Their wives also appeared on their show regularly.

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