What Happened to Boho Berry? The Story of the Bullet Journalist

Boho Berry  is an American blogger, bullet journalist, and Youtube content creator.

Personal Life

Kara Benz was born and raised in the United States. She is the woman behind Boho Berry. She has a husband named Mark who is in the military and the two of them have one daughter. Other than the information stated, she has not disclosed any information about her family and other private relationships. Her educational background is also not known.
On a daily basis, Kara practices a morning routine that she learned from Hal Elrod’s book, entitled “The Miracle Morning.” Her routine has six steps including meditation, affirmations, visualization, writing, journaling, and exercise.

Professional Career

Boho Berry worked in the bar and restaurant industry for more than fifteen years before deciding to launch her Boho Berry blog in 2015. She had done this for people to see her original Bohemian-style jewelry. 

Her blog and YouTube channel are both called Boho Berry. Her Youtube channel was created on November 16, 2015. Right now, she currently has over 160,000 with over 14 million total views. 

She gained many fans and followers for her bullet journal ideas, lessons, and resources. Her YouTube channel includes travel vlogs, hauls, tutorials, Q and A series, and various journaling videos.

Moreover, she has a journaling account on Instagram with almost 200,000 followers. Meanwhile, her personal account is mrsbenz. She also has a facebook group called the Berry Boho Tribe, which has 28.5 thousand followers.

Boho Berry also has her own line of stationery, stickers, and printables on Etsy called Boho Berry Paperie.

What happened to Boho Berry

Boho Berry’s fans have noticed that she has not been uploading Youtube videos and other content for quite some time. She has also been inactive on her blog and other social media accounts? What could have happened to her? 

Many avid followers of hers and bullet journaling enthusiasts were shocked to discover that her website has been down. A comment on a reddit thread said that  she was dealing with a new ADHD diagnosis and learning how to handle it. She was also focusing on her mental health so it is not at all bad.

While many people expressed their concern for Boho Berry, some claimed that she was gone due to plagiarism charges as she plagiarized a lot of her content.

Boho Berry  Relationship Status

Boho Berry has a husband named Mark who is known to be in the military. The couple has one child together.

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