What Happened to Pilgrim’s Blazin’ Wings? – The Reason Why They Were Investigated

Pilgrim’s Blazin’ Wings is an American chicken brand. Their products can be found in major supermarkets in the United States.

Pilgrim’s Blazin’ Wings History

Pilgrim’s Blazin’ Wings was founded in 1946 by Aubrey Pilgrim and Pat Johns. The two bought a feed store in Pittsburg, Texas so they can sell their own products. Soon after, Aubrey asked his brother Lonnie “Bo” Pilgrim to join them.

Starting from the feed business, they began selling chicks, which pioneered the implementation of a “vertical integration” business model for poultry production. The method has been used by major poultry companies until today.

From the beginning, setting new standards for the industry and for your table were the top priorities for the Pilgrim brothers. And these are the same beliefs that have continued our growth for decades.

The company believes that a family gathering around the table is something special. They always try to innovate and unlock new flavors for their customers. The company also tries to be more sustainable and has set standards and goals. By 2040, they want to be the first major global protein company to set a net-zero GHG emissions covering scope 1, scope 2, and scope 3 emissions. In addition, Pilgrim’s are their employees and their child dependents the opportunity to pursue higher education at community and technical college for free.

Pilgrim’s Blazin’ Wings remains one of the world’s leaders in manufacturing high-quality poultry and various retail-ready products. 

What happened to Pilgrim’s Blazin’ Wings

There are many people who noticed that Pilgrim’s Blazin’ Wings are not commonly found in major supermarkets like before. Their products have been out of stock for a while and there has been no news or any information about it.

Some people say that the company has been affected by the pandemic which resulted in several restaurants having shortage of chicken.

It was also reported in February of last year, that Pilgrim’s Pride Corp (PPC.O), the company that manufactures the chicken wings, was being investigated by the Department of Justice for price-fixing charges. The prosecutors estimated that Pilgrim’s illegal activity affected about $361 million in sales of its chicken products. The involved individuals reduced the production of the products for the prices to skyrocket. 

Ten of the poultry industry executives, including former Pilgrim’s Pride Chief Executives Jayson Penn and Bill Lovette, have been indicted on price-fixing charges. All of them pleaded not guilty.

The two parties have reached a settlement agreement. Pilgrim’s was sentenced to pay a $107.9 million fine to settle federal charges.

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