What Happened to Kate Yup? Discover More About the Mukbang Youtuber

Kate Yup is a Youtuber who is popular for uploading ‘mukbang’ or food-eating videos.

Personal Life

Kate Yup is a mukbang content creator on Youtube. Her nationality is not known. But in her videos, it was shown that she can speak both French and English.

Professional Career

Kate Yup joined Youtube on March 12, 2018. She has 1.43 million subscribers and her channel has more than 140 million views in total. Her face is not shown on her videos and she rarely speaks. In her videos, she wears an eye mask which has intrigued people. Later on, it is revealed that she has a nose deformity, hence the mask.

Kate stopped posting videos on November 10, 2019

What happened to Kate Yup

Kate Yup as a mukbang content creator eats different kinds of foods. She is known for not showing her face on her videos, showing only the lower half of her face. 

She uploaded a video of her eating seafood where she had a wound on her left hand, and a cut on her lip. This led the viewers to come up with stories and even conspiracy theories. Some people say that she has been kidnapped and forced to make the mukbang videos. However, Kate denies these allegations. Later, she confirmed that the bruise on her hand was a sunburn and the one on her lip was herpes labialis. 

In one of her videos, some people claim she was with other people who are instructing her on what to do. The viewers heard the people commanding Kate saying “Fast”, “Hurry up”, “Just eat”, and “I’m gonna kill you”. On another video, many viewers claimed that there was a message stating “The meat is So delicioOouS, soft and tender.” Many fans have noted S-O-S capitalized, which they took as her in need of help. This situation has led more people to believe that she is forced to do the mukbang videos. However, many also say that this was just a coincidence since Kate commonly capitalizes random letters on the titles of her videos.

In another video, Kate Yup started tapping on a glass bowl containing the seafood she was eating. Some people said it was morse code and means “S-O-S” but this speculation has been quickly dismissed.

In her final video on Youtube after her seemingly sudden disappearance, she lost two teeth – one after eating scallops, and another after biting on a limb of a crab. In the video, she also said, “I can die in peace after this bite,” after eating crab. People associated this with her disappearance and some even say that she has been killed.

Kate Yup  Relationship Status

There are no details about Kate Yup’s dating history or relationship status.

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