What Happened to Chrissy Russo? Where is the Meteorologist?

Chrissy Russo is an American journalist and meteorologist. She also hosts a show for FOX 5 San Diego.

Personal Life

Chrissy Russo was born on December 19, 1974  in San Diego, California, USA. She is of Italian descent and has one older sister. She spent most of her childhood and early adolescence in Suffolk near the Virginia Beach area. When she was a little girl, she dreamt of becoming an athlete, but that changed when she grew up. 

For her secondary education, she went to a local high school. After that, she went to Old Dominion University, and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Communications in 1998. In 2005, she pursued her master’s degree at Mississippi State University and obtained it in 2007. She also attended San Diego State University.

Russo also received her broadcast meteorology certificate from American Meteorological Society. 

She practices the form of self-defense called Krav Maga, which she also publically advocates. She has a Level 4 (Green Belt) in Krav Maga.

Professional Career

Chrissy Russo began her professional career after she received her Bachelor’s degree. She worked as a Beat Reporter for the New York Times Regional Media Group in February 1999 until September 2001. Around that time, she got a job as a meteorologist and host for the San Diego 6 XETV station where she worked for seven years until 2008. Russo then worked at FOX as Live National Correspondent but the stint only lasted for a month.

After taking a short break, she got her next job in August 2009 for the Tribune Media: KSWB FOX 5 San Diego as the host and an executive producer of the “Chrissy Russo Live” show.  After, she became a meteorologist at the same TV station and still has the same job until the present.

Chrissy Russo is a member of the American Meteorological Society. 

As a reporter, she is described as “being a natural on air with an energetic and dynamic delivery style.”

What happened to Chrissy Russo

Chrissy Russo has not been seen on FOX5 San Diego, CA KSWB channel for quite some time. Theis left many people wondering what happened to her. She is also inactive on her social media accounts and has not been the subjects of any news or headlines lately.

Because of their concerns, people have been directly messaging Fox5 on Twitter to ask where Chrissy is and what happened to her but they received no responses or replies. Many say that she just left the channel,  while others are genuinely concerned about her safety. On the other hand, several fans speculate that she just took an indefinite break from work or is currently on vacation.

Chrissy Russo  Relationship Status

Chrissy Russo is married but details about this are private. It is also known that she and her husband have a son named Enzo.  Their family also has a dog, Sally.

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