Top 15 Richest People In The World (1997-2021)

Imagine being able to say, “I’m richer than your whole country combined”. This video shows the list of the richest people in the world according to Forbes, the World Bank Organization and from the last few decades. The people among this list of the top fifteen wealthiest people in the world are Elon Musk, … Read more

Karl Jacobs Net Worth, Bio and Facts

At the age of 23, Karl Jacobs is not only a popular youtuber and a star at Tik Tok, but he is also a good gamer and Twitch streamer. After dropping out of college before his graduation, he joined MrBeast (also known as jimmy Donaldson) crew that produces YouTube videos based on expensive acts since … Read more

Damion Lee: Net Worth, Salary & Career

Damion Lee was born in Baltimore, Maryland on October 21st, 1992 he is currently a professional American basketball player for the Golden State Warriors. Damion Lee asserted his dominance on the court as early as Prep school when he led his team to a 30-7 record and the National Prep school championship. Lee played college … Read more