Why Did Stevewilldoit Get Banned? Uncovering the Reasons Behind the Social Media Star’s Suspension

YouTuber SteveWillDoIt, whose real name is Stephen Deleonardis, has been banned from YouTube. The NELK Boys member’s channel was permanently deleted on August 1, 2022. The reason behind the ban was initially unclear, but it has since been revealed that he violated the video platform’s community guidelines.

SteveWillDoIt is known for his drinking stunts and gambling videos. He has over 4 million subscribers on YouTube and is a member of the NELK Boys, a group of Canadian-American pranksters, content creators, and businessmen. The ban has left many of his fans wondering why he was banned and what will happen to his content.

YouTube has not released any specific details about the violations that led to SteveWillDoIt’s ban. However, it has been reported that he was promoting a gambling site on his channel, which may have violated YouTube’s policies. The ban has sparked a debate about whether YouTube is too strict with its community guidelines and whether creators should have more freedom to share controversial content.

Who Is Stevewilldoit

Stevewilldoit, whose real name is Stephen Deleonardis, is a social media personality and member of the NELK Boys, a Canadian YouTube channel known for their prank videos and stunts. Stevewilldoit is also associated with Full Send, a lifestyle brand that sells clothing and accessories.

Stevewilldoit gained popularity for his extreme drinking challenges and stunts, often consuming large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time. He has also been known to engage in risky behavior, such as jumping off buildings and bridges.

Despite his controversial content, Stevewilldoit has amassed a large following on social media, with over 4 million subscribers on YouTube and over 4 million followers on Instagram.

While Stevewilldoit’s content has been criticized for promoting dangerous behavior and excessive drinking, his fans have praised him for his entertaining and fearless personality.

Stevewilldoit’s YouTube Journey

Stephen Deleonardis, known as Stevewilldoit, began his journey on YouTube by posting vlogs and challenge videos. He quickly gained popularity for his outrageous stunts and pranks. With his unique content and charismatic personality, he amassed a large following of subscribers.

Stevewilldoit’s YouTube channel was a hub for his fans to watch his latest videos and keep up with his crazy antics. He continued to post regularly, often collaborating with other YouTubers and influencers.

However, on August 1, 2022, Stevewilldoit’s YouTube journey came to an abrupt end. His channel was permanently deleted due to alleged violations of YouTube’s community guidelines. The exact reason for the ban is unclear, but it is speculated that it may have been related to his promotion of a gambling site.

Despite the ban, Stevewilldoit’s fans continue to support him on other social media platforms. He remains active on Instagram, where he has over 6 million followers, and has also launched his own merchandise line.

Overall, Stevewilldoit’s YouTube journey was marked by his unique content, energetic personality, and devoted fanbase. While his channel may be gone, his impact on the YouTube community will not be forgotten.

Reasons For The Ban

Stephen “SteveWillDoIt” Deleonardi’s YouTube channel was permanently banned on August 1, 2022, due to severe violations of the platform’s Community Guidelines. The reasons for the ban are related to the content he posted on his channel, which reportedly promoted gambling sites and showed reckless behavior.

According to Glamour Buff, SteveWillDoIt’s channel was banned for promoting his second channel, where he posted videos of himself gambling. YouTube has strict policies against promoting gambling sites, and SteveWillDoIt’s content was found to be in violation of these policies. The YouTuber himself confirmed this in a tweet on August 2, 2022.

In addition to promoting gambling, SteveWillDoIt’s content also showed him engaging in reckless behavior, such as excessive drinking and drug use. This behavior was deemed inappropriate and potentially harmful, leading to repeated violations of YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

Overall, SteveWillDoIt’s permanent ban from YouTube was the result of severe and repeated violations of the platform’s policies. His content was found to be in violation of YouTube’s policies against promoting gambling, and his reckless behavior was deemed inappropriate and potentially harmful.

Reaction Of The Fans

The news of SteveWillDoIt’s permanent ban from YouTube has left his fans in shock. The YouTuber had a massive following of over 2.5 million subscribers on his channel, and his fans were eagerly waiting for his next video. Many fans took to social media to express their disappointment and frustration over the ban.

On Twitter, fans used the hashtag #FreeSteveWillDoIt to show their support for the YouTuber. Many fans also tweeted at YouTube, asking them to reconsider their decision. Some fans even started a petition on Change.org, urging YouTube to reinstate SteveWillDoIt’s channel.

However, not all fans were sympathetic towards SteveWillDoIt. Some fans criticized the YouTuber for promoting gambling and other controversial activities on his channel. They felt that YouTube was right in banning his channel for violating their community guidelines.

Overall, the reaction of the fans has been mixed. While some are supporting SteveWillDoIt, others are criticizing him for his actions. It remains to be seen how YouTube will respond to the fans’ demands and whether they will reconsider their decision to ban SteveWillDoIt’s channel.

The Nelk Boys And Full Send Support

The Nelk Boys and Full Send, the brand they created, are known for their raucous partying, pranks, and stunts. The group, which includes Kyle Forgeard, Jesse Sebastiani, and SteveWillDoIt, has amassed a massive following on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. However, their antics have also landed them in hot water with authorities and social media platforms alike.

Despite this, the Nelk Boys and Full Send have remained popular with their fans, who are known as the “Full Send Army.” They have even received support from other celebrities, including rapper Lil Nas X, who praised them for their “unapologetic” approach to content creation.

When SteveWillDoIt was permanently banned from YouTube, Full Send and the Nelk Boys were quick to show their support. They posted a statement on their Instagram account, saying that they were “disappointed” with YouTube’s decision but that they would continue to create content for their fans.

The statement went on to say that Full Send and the Nelk Boys “stand behind Steve” and that they would “continue to push the limits and create content that our fans love.” They also encouraged their fans to follow SteveWillDoIt on other social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok.

Despite the ban, the Nelk Boys and Full Send have continued to thrive, with their merchandise sales and social media following continuing to grow. They have also continued to push the boundaries of what is considered acceptable content, with their latest videos featuring stunts like jumping off a bridge and setting off fireworks in a crowded area.

Overall, the Nelk Boys and Full Send have shown unwavering support for SteveWillDoIt, even in the face of adversity. Their dedication to their fans and their commitment to creating content that pushes the limits has made them one of the most popular groups on social media today.

The Instagram Profile

After SteveWillDoIt’s YouTube channel was permanently banned, many fans wondered if his other social media accounts were also affected. One of the first places fans looked was his Instagram profile, where he has a large following of over 4 million users.

On August 1, 2022, SteveWillDoIt posted on his Instagram profile that his YouTube channel had been permanently deleted. Fans immediately noticed that the link to his YouTube account in his Instagram bio now redirected to a page with a message saying that the account had been terminated.

Despite the ban, SteveWillDoIt’s Instagram profile remains active. He continues to post regularly on the platform, sharing updates on his life and interacting with his fans. However, some fans have speculated that his Instagram account could also be at risk if he violates the platform’s community guidelines.

It’s worth noting that Instagram and YouTube are both owned by Google, so it’s possible that violations on one platform could lead to consequences on the other. However, at this time, there is no indication that SteveWillDoIt’s Instagram profile has been affected by his ban from YouTube.

Overall, while SteveWillDoIt’s YouTube channel may be gone, his Instagram profile remains a popular destination for his fans. As long as he continues to follow the platform’s guidelines, it’s likely that he will be able to continue using Instagram to connect with his followers.

Stevewilldoit’s Attempt To Appeal

After being permanently banned from YouTube, SteveWillDoIt attempted to appeal the decision. It is not uncommon for content creators to appeal a ban or suspension, especially if they feel that the decision was made in error or without proper justification.

SteveWillDoIt reportedly reached out to YouTube via email to request a review of his ban. However, it is unclear what specific arguments or evidence he presented in his appeal. It is also unclear whether YouTube responded to his email or whether his ban was lifted as a result of his appeal.

It is important to note that YouTube’s Community Guidelines are designed to ensure that the platform remains a safe and welcoming space for all users. Violating these guidelines can result in a range of consequences, from a temporary suspension to a permanent ban.

While it is understandable that SteveWillDoIt would want to appeal his ban, it is ultimately up to YouTube to decide whether or not to lift the ban. Content creators who find themselves in a similar situation may want to carefully review YouTube’s Community Guidelines and consider seeking legal advice before attempting to appeal a ban.

Controversies And Speculations

The ban of SteveWillDoIt from YouTube has sparked numerous controversies and speculations. One of the main controversies surrounding the ban is whether or not it was justified. The YouTuber has claimed that his channel was banned for promoting his second channel, where he used to post videos of his gambling. However, YouTube has not provided any specific reason for the ban, leading to speculation about the true cause.

Some have speculated that the ban may have been related to the YouTuber’s history of controversial content. SteveWillDoIt has been known for his outrageous stunts and challenges, some of which have been criticized for promoting dangerous behavior. Additionally, he has been involved in legal controversies in the past, including a run-in with the police department in Florida.

Despite these controversies, many of SteveWillDoIt’s fans have come to his defense, arguing that the ban was unjustified and that the YouTuber should be allowed to continue creating content. Some have even started a petition to have the ban lifted, citing the YouTuber’s positive impact on their lives.

Overall, the ban of SteveWillDoIt from YouTube has sparked a great deal of controversy and speculation. While the true cause of the ban remains unclear, it is clear that the YouTuber’s fans are passionate about his content and are eager to see him return to the platform.

Impact On Revenue And Net Worth

SteveWillDoIt’s ban from YouTube has had a significant impact on his revenue and net worth. Despite being permanently banned from the platform, Steve’s annual income as of 2023 is a massive $1.5 million, according to MoneyMade.io. This income is generated from his various social media accounts, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and investments.

However, it is important to note that Steve’s net worth is not solely based on his YouTube earnings. He has diversified his income streams by investing in various businesses and ventures. With the performance of his current investments, chances are high that SteveWillDoIt’s net worth will skyrocket in subsequent years.

SteveWillDoIt’s merchandise sales have also been impacted by his ban from YouTube. According to HotSeatMag, the NELK Boys member’s merchandise sales have taken a hit since his channel was deleted. However, Steve still has a loyal fanbase who continue to support him by purchasing his merchandise.

Advertising revenue has also been impacted by Steve’s ban from YouTube. As one of the most popular members of the NELK Boys, Steve was a valuable asset for brands looking to advertise on his channel. However, with his channel now permanently deleted, advertisers have lost access to his large audience.

In conclusion, SteveWillDoIt’s ban from YouTube has had a significant impact on his revenue and net worth. However, he has diversified his income streams and made smart investments that will continue to generate income for him in the future.

Stevewilldoit And The NFT Collection

SteveWillDoIt is a popular YouTuber and social media influencer who has been involved in various controversies. One of the reasons for his ban from YouTube was his involvement in promoting NFTs or non-fungible tokens.

NFTs are digital assets that are unique and cannot be exchanged for other tokens or assets. They can be used to represent artwork, music, videos, and other digital content. SteveWillDoIt was involved in promoting an NFT collection called “The Human Token” which featured images of famous people including Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden.

The NFT collection was criticized for its lack of originality and for using images without the permission of the people depicted in them. Some people also criticized the environmental impact of NFTs, as they require a lot of energy to create and maintain.

SteveWillDoIt defended his involvement in the NFT collection, stating that it was a legitimate investment opportunity and that he believed in the future of NFTs. However, his promotion of the collection was seen as a violation of YouTube’s community guidelines, which prohibit the promotion of “get rich quick” schemes and other potentially harmful content.

Overall, SteveWillDoIt’s involvement in the NFT collection was seen as controversial and contributed to his ban from YouTube. While NFTs continue to be a popular topic in the world of digital art and collectibles, their environmental impact and potential for misuse continue to be a source of debate and criticism.

The Happy Dad Hard Seltzer

SteveWillDoIt is known for his love for Happy Dad Hard Seltzer, a brand of hard seltzer that he co-founded with fellow YouTuber and NELK Boys member, Kyle Forgeard. The brand was launched in May 2020 and quickly became a fan favorite among their followers.

The Happy Dad Hard Seltzer comes in four flavors: lemon-lime, grapefruit, black cherry, and mango. It is made with natural flavors, gluten-free, and has only 100 calories per can. The brand has been marketed as a healthier alternative to beer and other alcoholic beverages.

However, the brand has also faced some controversies. In August 2022, the brand was criticized for promoting underage drinking after a video surfaced of a group of minors drinking Happy Dad Hard Seltzer at a party. The co-founders released a statement condemning the behavior and emphasizing their commitment to responsible drinking.

Despite the controversy, the brand has continued to grow in popularity and has even expanded its product line to include merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, and koozies. The success of Happy Dad Hard Seltzer has also led to collaborations with other brands and influencers in the alcohol industry.

Overall, the Happy Dad Hard Seltzer has become a staple in SteveWillDoIt’s content and has contributed to his persona as a party-loving influencer. However, the controversies surrounding the brand serve as a reminder of the importance of responsible drinking and the potential consequences of promoting alcohol to a young audience.

Stevewilldoit’s Relationship With Bradley Martyn

SteveWillDoIt, whose real name is Stephen Deleonardis, is a popular social media personality known for his outrageous stunts and challenges. He rose to fame through his association with the YouTube channel NELK, which he joined in 2017. One of his closest friends and frequent collaborators is Bradley Martyn, a fellow fitness influencer and YouTuber.

Martyn and SteveWillDoIt have known each other for several years and have appeared in numerous videos together. They often participate in extreme challenges, such as eating massive amounts of food or lifting heavy weights. Martyn has been a mentor and role model for SteveWillDoIt, encouraging him to pursue his fitness goals and live a healthier lifestyle.

However, their relationship has not been without controversy. In August 2022, SteveWillDoIt’s YouTube channel was permanently banned for violating the platform’s community guidelines. In a video with Martyn, SteveWillDoIt revealed that his second channel, where he broadcasted videos regarding gambling, had an impact on the removal of his primary channel. Martyn expressed his disappointment at the situation, but also acknowledged the need to follow YouTube’s rules.

Despite this setback, Martyn and SteveWillDoIt continue to collaborate on other platforms, such as Twitch and Instagram. They recently launched a fitness challenge called “The 30-Day Transformation,” which encourages their followers to improve their health and fitness over the course of a month. Martyn has also been supportive of SteveWillDoIt’s efforts to overcome his addiction to alcohol and maintain sobriety.

In conclusion, Bradley Martyn and SteveWillDoIt have a close and complex relationship that has evolved over the years. While they have faced challenges and controversy, they continue to support each other and inspire their fans to pursue their goals.

Boycott And The Future Of Stevewilldoit

Following the news of Stevewilldoit’s permanent ban from YouTube, many of his fans expressed their disappointment and frustration on social media. However, some users also called for a boycott of YouTube in protest of the platform’s decision to ban the popular YouTuber. The boycott movement gained some traction, with some users claiming that YouTube was unfairly targeting certain creators while allowing others to continue violating community guidelines.

It is unclear whether the boycott had any significant impact on YouTube’s decision to ban Stevewilldoit. However, it is worth noting that the platform has faced criticism in the past for its inconsistent enforcement of community guidelines. Some creators have accused YouTube of being too quick to demonetize or ban channels without providing clear explanations or opportunities for appeal.

As for Stevewilldoit’s future, it is uncertain what his next steps will be. Some fans have speculated that he may try to create a new YouTube account under a different name or switch to a different platform altogether. However, it is important to note that creating a new account after being banned is a violation of YouTube’s terms of service and could result in further consequences.

Overall, the situation surrounding Stevewilldoit’s ban highlights the complex and often contentious relationship between content creators and the platforms they use to share their work. While YouTube and other platforms have a responsibility to enforce community guidelines and ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all users, they must also balance this with the need to provide creators with clear and consistent guidelines and opportunities for appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What actions led to SteveWillDoIt’s ban?

SteveWillDoIt, whose real name is Stephen Deleonardis, was permanently banned from YouTube on August 1, 2022. The NELK Boys member allegedly violated the video platform’s Community Guidelines by promoting a gambling site on his second channel, where he used to post videos of his gambling.

Which platform(s) did SteveWillDoIt get banned from?

SteveWillDoIt was banned from YouTube.

Did SteveWillDoIt violate any specific terms of service?

Yes, SteveWillDoIt violated YouTube’s Community Guidelines by promoting a gambling site on his second channel.

What has SteveWillDoIt said about the ban?

SteveWillDoIt has not made any official statements regarding his ban on YouTube. However, he did post a video on his Instagram account on August 2, 2022, where he stated that his channel did not “break any guidelines” and asked authorities to look into it.

Is there any chance of SteveWillDoIt’s ban being lifted?

It is unclear whether SteveWillDoIt’s ban will be lifted. YouTube has not made any statements regarding the possibility of lifting the ban.

How has SteveWillDoIt’s fanbase reacted to the ban?

SteveWillDoIt’s fanbase has had mixed reactions to his ban. While some fans have expressed disappointment and frustration, others have shown support for YouTube’s decision to ban the YouTuber for violating the platform’s Community Guidelines.

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