What Happened to Voyboy? See Why The League of Legends Streamer Disappeared

Voyboy is an American League of Legends esports player. He is currently a streamer for FlyQuest. He was a part of Team Dignitas and Team Curse.

Personal Life

Voyboy or Joedat Esfahani was born on December 15, 1994, in the United States. He is Iranian in ethnicity. He is known to be from Berkeley, California. Aside from these details, not much is known about his family and educational background. However, it is said that he is close to his family.

He originally chose the name “OnBoy”’ for reasons he cannot remember, but his guild members began calling him “Voyboy” for unknown reasons. The name stuck and he started using it on his various gaming platforms and accounts.

Voyboy gained popularity through his top-tier Ezreal play in League of Legends and his role in popularizing Wriggle’s Lantern outside of the jungle.

Professional Career

Voyboy first played toplane for Rock Solid, which is a team composed of Naryt, rambo, scarra, Araragi, samtheham, and Th3RaT, formed in 2010. During their time as a new team, nothing significant happened. The members changed now including Voyboy, Jatt, scarra, imaqtpie, and L0cust. They came out on top of tournament results beating major teams such as Team SoloMid and Counter Logic Gaming (CLG). Their team was then acquired by Team Dignitas.

While under Team Dignitas, Voyboy became one of the best toplaners in North America, particularly  for his Akali play. 

On May 19, 2012 he was part of an infamous three-way roster exchange of players between top North American teams where he himself from Team Dignitas became a member of CLG. With CLG, Voyboy played in Champions Summer 2012 in Korea.

In October 2012, he left CLG and the following month, he joined Team Curse. In November 2014, he announced that he would leave the team and would take a break.

What happened to Voyboy?

Voyboy is a popular esports player especially in the League of Legends (LoL) community. He was a former professional esports player and one of the players who have the most following as a streamer.

In November 2020, he was streaming on Twitch, when the platform blocked him. Many people got confused with this sudden situation but were offered no explanation. He is not known to be a streamer who behaves badly while streaming and he was also not involved in controversies.

As of the moment, he has been on an indefinite break from streaming. He also remains inactive on his social media accounts. This caused many of his followers and fans to wonder and be worried. It has been reported that Voyboy has been suffering from mental health issues which caused his indefinite disappearance from the world of esports. Until now, no one knows when he is coming back.

His situation opened the conversation whether streamers and other content creators are more prone to having mental health issues. It is said that there might be long term psychological effects resulting from the isolating nature of steaming for long hours.

Voyboy  Relationship Status

Voyboy is reported to be single and details of his past relationships are not known.

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