What Happened to True Blue Spa? What Happened to the Skin Care Line?

True Blue Spa is a body cream from Bath and Body Works.

Company Information and History

Before we talk about what happened to True Blue Spa, let’s first know more about the company that produces it – Bath and Body Works. 

Bath and Body Works is  an American retail store chain that sells lotions, moisturizers, soaps, sanitizers, fragrances, and more. The company was established in 1990 in New Albany, Ohio by The Limited, a huge company. This did not suit the homey brand that they want to put out to consumers so they created a fictional founder named “Kate.”

In 1997, it became one of the largest bath shop chains in the United States. Bath and Body Works has sold across 6 continents which is one great feat!

In September 1990, its first store opened in a mall in Cambridge, Massachusetts, far from its headquarters in New Albany. During its early days, the company was very similar to The Body Shop. Anita Roddick, the founder of The Body Shop, sued Bath and Body Works  in 1991. This led to BBW changing how it marketed its products, now with gingham and wood. This was the beginning of what they called the Heartland Era.

Also in 1991, Beth Pritchard took over as the CEO, which started the company’s road to success. In 1996, the chain had 750 stores and the sales hit $753 million. The following year, a secondary brand called Bath & Body Works at Home was launched by the company. The White Barn Candle Company which is BBWs’ division specializing in manufacturing and selling scented candles, later opened in 1999.

Pritchard left the company in 2003 which also marked the end of the Heartland Era. The company then decided to embrace the “modern apothecary” theme. The beloved “sunburst” logo was replaced only by text. This was also the time when they expanded the aromatherapy line, True Blue Spa, and the Pure Simplicity skin care line. 

In 2006, Bath & Body Works launched their seasonal catalog and website. They also showed their first advertisement on television. 

Around 2007, the company decided to sell other products in their stores. From this time on, the company focused on capturing the youth or teen demographic.

What happened to True Blue Spa

True Blue Spa Collection was a skin care line manufactured by Bath and Body Works. It was a body cream which had a coconut scent. Aside from coconut, another main ingredient of the body cream was shea butter. It aimed to moisturize the skin and not leave a heavy, sticky feeling. 

However, the line was discontinued by BBW. Many people on different social media platforms have been asking about why they couldn’t buy the products anymore. There have been forums and threads on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit about the True Blue Spa.

The good thing is, Bath and Body Works sometimes respond to the comments and questions from people who want to know where they can buy the product. The bad news? BBW just recommends another product of theirs because they already discontinued it, without saying any reason.

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