What Happened to C.M. Owens? The Story Behind the Author’s Death

C.M. Owens was an American best-selling romance author. She also wrote under the pen names ST Abby and Kristy Cunning. 

Personal Life

C.M. Owens’ full name is Christie Owens. She was born in 1984. Not much is known about her family or if she has any siblings. Furthermore, there is also no information regarding her childhood and teenage years and educational background.

Professional Career

C.M. Owens has authored several books which are mainly focused on romance, love, paranormal fantasy, and more. Her books were a huge commercial success and were well-received by audiences across the world. With this, she got a huge fan base on her Facebook and other social media accounts. She is best known for the “Paranormal Romance” trilogy, “Deadly Beauties” and “The Sterling Shore” series. 

Now, let’s go back to the beginning of her wonderful career. In January 2014, she published her first book on Kindle and started a Facebook fan page which had 63 fans. By June 2014, Owens was already making double the salary than her day job and decided to write full-time. 

As of June, 2016, she had published more than 20 books. Her books under the romance genre were included in the top 100 charts of Amazon for different categories such as new adult, college romance, paranormal romance, vampire romance, witch romance, romantic comedy, romantic suspense, among others.

By June of the following year, C.M. Owens had a total of 3,721 reviews on Amazon, and 12,460 ratings on Goodreads. The number of her Facebook fans also grew to 4500 and counting.

She described her books as “ “romance with a bit of chaos.” She was known for placing all of her heart and spirit into her books.

Her book club is called the “C.M. Owens Book Club” which has more 22,000 followers, as of writing. In addition, you can find her books on her website called CMOwensbooks.

What happened to C.M. Owens

C.M. Owens died on Saturday in a tragic vehicular accident.  It was reported that she died from injuries she sustained from a head-on crash on July 25, 2021. 

Her close friend, S.M. Shade, posted on Facebook confirming her death. An excerpt from the post said ““For someone who is supposed to be good with words, I don’t know what to say. My friend, C.M. Owens, passed away in a tragic incident Saturday. To say I’m heartbroken and she will be missed just doesn’t suffice.”

Many people, especially fans and avid readers of her books, have expressed their pain and sympathy with what happened. Fans and supporters have offered their deepest condolences to the family.  Christie’s passing was a huge heartbreak to the literary world with a gem of an author gone forever.

C.M. Owens  Relationship Status

C.M. Owens’ personal relations are kept in private. It is not known if the author had any relationships or kids.

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