What Happened to Alexa Bliss: Behind the Scenes of WWE’s Glittering Superstar

Alexa Bliss has been a topic of intense speculation among WWE fans. The talented wrestler has taken time away from the ring, prompting curiosity and concern. She confirmed her return to WWE with a simple “Yep” during a Q&A session, which has fueled excitement among her loyal followers.

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Despite being cleared to wrestle, Bliss has not appeared on WWE TV since January 2023, partly due to a skin cancer diagnosis. She underwent successful surgery to remove basal cell carcinoma and squamous cells from her face and is now recovering well. In addition, she has been spotted back at the gym, hinting at a possible return to action soon.

Rumors swirled about her involvement with Bray Wyatt and Uncle Howdy, but both are also out of action. Alexa’s absence was further lengthened due to her pregnancy, a revelation that took fans by surprise. As anticipation builds, everyone is eager to see how she will make her comeback and what storylines she’ll dive into next.

The Sparkling Career of Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss has truly made her mark in WWE with numerous title reigns and memorable matches. Her journey from NXT to the main roster is filled with spectacular achievements and thrilling bouts.

Championship Reigns and Highlights

Alexa Bliss kicked off her WWE journey in NXT. She later debuted on SmackDown in 2016 and quickly captured the SmackDown Women’s Championship. By winning this title, she became the first woman to hold both the SmackDown and Raw Women’s Championships.

Her times as Women’s Champion were marked by intense rivalries and memorable moments. Bliss also formed a notable tag team with Nikki Cross, capturing the Women’s Tag Team Titles, adding another feather to her illustrious cap. Each championship she held showcased her versatility and charisma in the ring.

Signature Matches and Feuds

Bliss’s career is decorated with standout matches. Her bouts at major events like WrestleMania 39 and SummerSlam are fan favorites. One of her most exciting matches was against Nia Jax at WrestleMania, where their friendship turned rivalry culminated in a memorable clash.

Another thrilling feud was with Becky Lynch, leading to several high-stakes encounters for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Bliss’s involvement in Money in the Bank matches added another layer to her storied career, proving her as a top competitor across various match types.

The Comeback Queen

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Alexa Bliss has faced numerous challenges over her career, but her determined spirit and resilience have always shone through. Her story includes remarkable returns to the wrestling ring and a courageous battle with health issues.

Triumphant Returns to the Ring

Alexa Bliss has made several impactful comebacks to the WWE ring that have thrilled fans worldwide. Her recent return after a hiatus was particularly notable. She was spotted back on WWE RAW, making headlines and exciting many.

Fans in places like Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, eagerly await her performances, and her appearances never fail to energize the crowd. Alexa’s return to the 2024 WWE King & Queen event is especially anticipated, highlighting her status as a beloved and influential figure in wrestling.

Overcoming Health Challenges

Alexa Bliss has shown incredible bravery in facing significant health challenges. She was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer, which was discovered through a biopsy revealing squamous cells.

Rather than letting the diagnosis hinder her, she fought back with strength and determination. Her openness about her health scare has helped raise awareness about skin cancer, emphasizing the importance of early detection and treatment.

Alexa’s ability to overcome such a serious diagnosis and maintain her vibrant presence in the wrestling ring is a testament to her resilience and commitment to her career.

Out of the Ring

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Alexa Bliss, known for her vibrant personality and intense wrestling skills, takes her energy beyond the ring into diverse ventures and personal engagements. Here’s a glimpse into her life away from the WWE spotlight.

Becoming Alexa Offstage

Alexa Bliss has a lively presence on social media, particularly on Twitter and Instagram, where she connects with her fans daily. Her posts often feature behind-the-scenes looks at her life, promoting her latest projects or sharing glimpses of her personal life.

In 2020, she surprised many by appearing on The Masked Singer, showcasing her singing talents. This TV appearance allowed her fans to see a different side of her, beyond her wrestling persona.

Her relationship with singer Ryan Cabrera also grabs headlines. The couple is often seen together at various events, and their relationship is well-documented through their social media updates.

Life Beyond the Mat

Outside of wrestling, Alexa has multiple interests that keep her busy. She is known for her love of animals and frequently supports animal rescue organizations. Her passion for fashion is also evident as she often collaborates with brands and shares her stylish outfits on Instagram.

Alexa is also deeply involved in her community. She regularly participates in charity events, raising awareness for important causes. Moreover, she uses her platform to speak about mental health issues, drawing from her own experiences to help others.

Her downtime often involves spending quality time with family and friends, enjoying simple pleasures away from the hectic spotlight. Whether she’s training, singing, or simply being Alexa, she continuously captivates her audience with her dynamic personality.

Engagement with the WWE Universe

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Alexa Bliss has built a strong connection with fans through her dynamic presence and captivating social media interactions. Here’s how she’s kept the WWE Universe hooked.

The Pulse of Social Media

Alexa Bliss uses social media to keep her fan base engaged and informed. Whether she’s sharing updates or behind-the-scenes glimpses, she knows how to create excitement. On platforms like Twitter and Instagram, her posts often gather thousands of reactions.

Her ingenious use of these platforms has cemented her as a standout personality both in and out of the ring. From live-tweeting during WWE events to sharing personal milestones, Bliss ensures her connection with fans remains strong.

She doesn’t just share wrestling-related content; she also provides personal updates, such as her engagement to musician Ryan Cabrera, which delights fans and keeps them in the loop.

Milestones and Future Projections

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Alexa Bliss has had an eventful career filled with moments that have captivated her fans. From her surprising comeback announcements to her anticipated future in WWE, she has continually left an indelible mark on the wrestling world.

Surpassing Expectations

Alexa Bliss has thrived in WWE, overcoming numerous challenges. She first stunned audiences with her initial rise to fame, clinching titles like the WWE RAW Women’s Championship. Her in-ring chemistry with stars like Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair only added to her reputation.

One notable storyline was her alliance with Bray Wyatt and his alter-ego, the Fiend. Their eerie partnership fascinated fans, particularly when they introduced Uncle Howdy. Bliss’s character depth reached new levels during this eerie narrative, continually pushing her limits.

In a recent update on her status for the Royal Rumble 2024, it was reported that she might return. Bliss remained out of action for over 485 days but showed signs of a strong return, keeping fans eager.

What’s Next for Alexa?

Looking ahead, Alexa could once again shake up WWE Raw with her comeback. Fans speculate potential matchups against the likes of Asuka and possibly rekindling rivalries with Bianca Belair. Such matchups would surely be headline-grabbing events.

There’s talk of her rejoining forces with Bray Wyatt, who himself has seen fluctuations in his WWE journey. Bliss’s character has always had a knack for the dramatic, and aligning again with Wyatt might bring a fresh twist to current WWE storylines.

Fans are also wondering about a potential showdown at the Royal Rumble 2024. This event could be the perfect stage for Bliss to spotlight her return. Insights provided by Sportskeeda hint that she might play a crucial role in upcoming major events, exciting news for her supporters.

Retainment of Blissful Legacy

Alexa Bliss has made a huge impact in WWE, gaining multiple championships and inspiring many. She has left a lasting legacy that continues to influence the wrestling world and the future stars.

Solidifying Her Place in WWE History

Alexa Bliss has cemented herself as one of WWE’s legends. As a Women’s Tag Team Champion and SmackDown Women’s Champion, she showcased versatility and fierce talent in the ring.

Bliss’s memorable moments have etched her name in WWE history. Whether dominating on WWE RAW or making dramatic returns, her matches are unforgettable.

Even during her time away from the ring, her influence remained. Stories and fan theories about her return kept her legacy alive, proving her permanent imprint on professional wrestling.

Inspiration to Future Generations

Alexa Bliss is more than a wrestler; she is an inspiration to upcoming athletes. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, she rose from modest beginnings to conquer the WWE stage.

Her journey teaches resilience and ambition. Bliss has shown that regardless of obstacles, achieving greatness is possible. Her openness about personal challenges like recovery from an eating disorder offers hope to fans facing similar struggles.

Beyond wrestling, she inspires through fitness and beauty. Bliss often shares tips on workouts and self-care, making her a role model outside of WWE.

From the ring to everyday life, Alexa Bliss’s legacy extends far, motivating countless individuals to chase their dreams and shine brightly.

In the Limelight

Alexa Bliss, a star known for her dynamic presence in WWE, has captivated audiences not just in the ring but also on television. Below, we explore how she showcases her talents across platforms.

Showcasing the Superstar on Screen

TV and Beyond: Alexa Bliss has expanded her presence beyond WWE. In The Masked Singer, she wowed audiences with her vocal talents. This crossover into mainstream TV boosted her fame, showing she’s more than just a wrestling champion.

Videos and Appearances: Bliss is active on social media, posting videos that give fans a peek into her life. These clips range from workout routines to candid moments, keeping her connection with followers strong. Her frequent appearances at events continue to highlight her versatility and star power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Alexa Bliss has been a topic of much discussion lately, with fans curious about her personal life, recent health concerns, and professional status within WWE.

Who is Alexa Bliss’ significant other these days?

Alexa Bliss is married to musician Ryan Cabrera. The couple tied the knot in April 2022, and their relationship has been a hot topic among fans.

Has bliss been blessed with a baby?

No, Alexa Bliss has not had a baby. There was some buzz around her potential pregnancy, but she has been busy managing her career and health.

What’s the latest scoop on Alexa Bliss’ whereabouts?

Alexa Bliss has taken some time off due to health concerns, including her recovery from skin cancer. She shared updates on her well-being and reassured fans she is on the mend.

What are the career updates on Alexa Bliss within the WWE universe?

Alexa Bliss confirmed in a Q&A session that she plans to return to WWE. She has been missed by fans and is expected to make a comeback in the near future.

Has Alexa Bliss undergone any surgeries we should be aware of?

Alexa Bliss did undergo treatment for skin cancer, which included surgery. She shared her experience openly on social media, emphasizing the importance of regular skin checks.

What’s the buzz on Alexa Bliss’ mysterious absence from the wrestling scene?

Alexa Bliss’ absence has been due to a combination of health issues and personal time off. Her last appearance before this break was in early 2023. Fans eagerly await her return to the ring.

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