Victoria Osteen – Facts About Her Life and Net Worth

Victoria Osteen was born in Huntsville, Alabama on March 28, 1961. She is an American Author and a co-pastor of Lakewood Church, in Houston, Texas. 

Victoria Osteen Net Worth

Victoria Osteen wrote the book “Love Your Life: Living Happy, Healthy, and Whole” in 2008, and it became so popular that it got the #2 spot on the New York Times Bestseller list. 

Aside from this, she also authored many others, including children’s books.  In 2022, she has a net worth of about $100 million. 

Her earnings mainly come from her books and broadcasts. Parts of her service as a pastor can be watched on a one-hour program broadcast on the Daystar Television Network

Personal Life

Victoria Osteen, formerly Victoria Iloff, was born on March 28, 1961. Originally from Alabama, her family moved to the suburbs of Houston Texas when she was two years old because her father took a job in National Aeronautics Space Association (NASA). 

She grew up in a conservative and religious home. She grew up attending Church of Christ where her mother taught Sunday School and where her father also served as a deacon. 

Victoria went to the University of Houston to pursue her college education. She majored in psychology but she wasn’t able to graduate. In 1985, while working in her mother’s jewelry store, she met Joel Osteen. 

The two got married and were blessed with two children, Alexandra and Jonathan.

Professional Career

In 2003, the 60-year old author founded the Lakewood Church Women’s Ministry. The service is shown on the Daystar Television Network and also live on the Internet.

She also has a regular show on the radio station 89.3 KSBJ where she talks about helping a non-profit charitable organization – Shelter for Battered Women and Feed the Children and The Bridge.

Victoria released her first book called “Love Your Life: Living Happy, Healthy, and Whole” on October 14, 2008. Her book was published by Simon & Schuster. With the books she authored, she has been an inspiration and a role model to many. 

Her first book’s initial printing of 750,000 times was one of the largest by any publishing company in the US in that year. She has a five-year agreement with her publisher which covers 13 books for children including a Bible.

Victoria Osteen also hosts a live call-in radio show on Joel Osteen Radio, SiriusXM Channel 128 each week. Here, she shares her gained wisdom with callers and listeners alike and aspires to be of help to them. 

Locally and nationally, she is an avid supporter of charitable organizations. For her contributions, the Greater Southwest Houston Chamber of Commerce gave her a Community Impact Award.

Victoria Osteen Dating History

Victoria Osteen married the popular American televangelist and mega-pastor, Joel Osteen on April 4, 1987. They work as co-pastors together in the Lakewood Church, which was founded by Joel’s dad in 1959. 

Although the couple is the epitome of marriage goals, there are still rumors going around about Victoria and her husband having a divorce, which the two are quick to debunk. 

At present, photos of the couple and their happy family are seen on their social media accounts. These just prove that they are contented and satisfied with their lives. 

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