Terry Silver Net Worth – The Karate Kid Antagonist

Terry Silver is a fictional character in Karate Kid universe. He is portrayed by the actor and martial artist Thomas Ian Griffith.

Terry Silver Net Worth

Terry Silver’s net worth is around $20 million. 

Silver was a soldier in the Vietnam war. By 1985, Silver was the head of a toxic waste disposal company called Dynatox Industries that  illegally dumps waste in the environment. 

He established Cobra Kai dojo with his buddy, John Kreese.

He was also born with a silver spoon, meaning he was born rich.

Personal Life

Terrance “Terry” Silver into a wealthy family. Around 1968, he joined the United States Army and was deployed to Vietnam, where he met John Kreese, who is another main antagonist in Karate Kid. Silver was given the nickname “Twig” by his squadmate they call Ponytail. Silver, along with Kreese and Ponytail, were chosen by the Special Forces Captain Turner to be a part of various missions and to learn the art of Tang Soo Do karate.

During their mission to attack the North Vietnamese Army base, the three were captured and Ponytail was executed. In honor of Ponytail, Terry grew his hair after their time in the military. After the military, Silver suffered from post-traumatic life disorder or PTSD which made his everyday life difficult.

Over the years, he continued to practice karate, eventually becoming an expert.

Professional Career

In 1975, Terrance “Terry” Silver helped his friend John Kreese establish the Cobra Kai dojo. However, his father wanted him to run their family businesses or else he would lose his inheritance. Because of this, he was forced to leave Cobra Kai. Even though he was running their family business, Terry still continued to provide financial support to Cobra Kai and promised Kreese to help run it one day.

Silver bought Cobra Kai in 1980 and proposed that the dojo compete in a global tournament called Sekai Taika. Kreese declined the offer, hoping to focus on his students.

By 1985, Terry became the head of a toxic waste disposal company, Dynatox Industries, which illegally dumps waste. Around this time, the future of Cobra Kai hangs in balance when all of Kreese’s students leave the dojo after he attacked one of his best students, Johnny Lawrence, because he lost his match to Daniel La Russo who is Karate Kid’s main protagonist. Daniel is taught karate by Mr. Miyagi.

Terry Silver Dating History

Terry Silver has a girlfriend named Cheyenne Hamidi. No other relationships of his are publicly known.

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