Sterling Sharpe Net Worth: Football.. More Like Moneyball!

Life keeps opening up windows of opportunities for us. No one knows which option will open up next with rewards and prizes to offer. Sterling Sharpe’s life story has been just like that! We can easily say that he has seen it all. 

Sterling’s story has lessons for everyone – he was at the height of his career when he faced serious injuries. 

Sterling played for Green Bay Packers, a professional football team in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He ruled many hearts between 1988-1994! A look at his CV tells us that he has worked as an analyst for the National Football League (NFL) Network. He is an expert in reviewing and examining statistics within the game. His audience loves him!

We will talk all about Sterling Sharpe in this little brief; make sure that you are with us till the very last word. Plenty of gossip coming your way!

Early Life

Sterling Sharpe was born in Chicago, USA, on April 6, 1965, to Pete Sharpe and Mary Alice Dixon. 

He has two siblings, Libby Sharpe and Shannon Sharpe. They grew up in Glennville, Georgia. Sterling’s parents didn’t have a happy marriage. The kids were raised by their grandmother, Mary Porter.

Education and University Sports 

Sterling Sharpe first attended Glenville High School. He played running back, quarterback, and linebacker in high school. He also had the membership of basketball plus track teams.

South Carolina University alumni are still in awe of Sterling’s heroics! 

Want a statistical representation of Sterling Sharpe’s stellar career at school? 169 career receptions, 77 career touchdowns, and 2,479 receiving yards sure made a record tumbling effort! Receiving 11 touchdowns in a single season is no mean feat either! The no. 2 jersey that Sterling donned with pride was retired by South Carolina at the end of 1987. The gesture speaks volumes about the respect he earned in South Carolina. 

The fantastic football geek graduated in 1988. His graduation subjects were interdisciplinary studies and retailing. Now that is not even close to what he wholeheartedly loved doing! Maybe we should all do a Sterling in our lives?

In the 1994 season, Sterling suffered from a severe neck injury that required surgery to fuse the first two cervical vertebrae in an operation which took eight months to recover. He hoped to play football again but the accident forced him to retire from the sport at only 29 years old. His very promising career had to suddenly end because of the tragically. Because of this, many people wonder what could have been and if the accident didn’t happen, would he be an NFL Hall of Famer?

After playing pro, he worked as an analyst for the National Football League (NFL) Network.

Personal Life

Sterling isn’t married, but he has a daughter named Sommer. Born in November of 1993, Sommer graduated with a BA in Journalism and Mass Communications. Sterling doesn’t let much out in the media. His girlfriends are also quite a secret affair, truth to be told! Therefore, that is all we have to share about his personal life.  

Sterling Sharpe Net worth & Income

Now to answer the question around which this debate has been orchestrated, Sterling Sharpe has a net worth of $12 MILLION! 

The versatile man has invested in multiple businesses that add more to his wealth. He is also the co-owner and chief executive officer of an auto purchasing and selling service by Pro Bowl Motors. So, all in all, Sterling Sharpe lives a very lavish life! 

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