Royal Rhythms: Decoding the “Soldier Poet King” Meaning in The Oh Hellos’ Track

The Oh Hellos’ song “Soldier, Poet, King” from their 2015 album “Dear Wormwood” isn’t just a catchy tune. It starts with a memorable guitar melody and dives into deep, thought-provoking lyrics.

Its lyrics talk about three main figures: a soldier, a poet, and a king. These characters are not just roles in a story; they represent different sides of our human nature and the roles we often find ourselves in throughout life.

As we dive into the blog post, we’ll explore the song’s more profound meaning and why it has such a lasting impact.

The Oh Hellos: An Overview

the oh hellos

The Oh Hellos is a musical duo consisting of siblings Tyler and Maggie Heath. They hail from Texas, USA, and have been making music together since 2011. The duo has released eight albums, with their latest being “Zephyrus” in 2021.

Their musical style can be described as indie folk with a touch of Americana. They incorporate various instruments in their music, including guitar, banjo, mandolin, violin, and trumpet.

Their music often features rich harmonies and thoughtful lyrics that touch on themes such as love, loss, and hope. And with a dedicated following over the years, the duo has received critical acclaim for their music. Their album “Dear Wormwood” reached the Billboard 200 chart in 2015.

In addition to their music, The Oh Hellos are known for their live performances.

They have toured extensively throughout the United States and Europe, playing at venues ranging from small clubs to large festivals. Their live shows are often described as energetic and engaging, with the duo’s charismatic stage presence drawing in audiences of all ages.

Soldier, Poet, King: Song Analysis

Soldier: Symbolism

The song “Soldier, Poet, King” by The Oh Hellos is an ode to the human spirit, with each title representing a different aspect of the human experience. The first title, “Soldier,” can be interpreted as a symbol of strength, courage, and resilience.

The lyrics mention “a heart that’s been broken,” which could represent the emotional scars soldiers often carry with them after experiencing trauma on the battlefield.

Poet: Metaphorical Interpretation

The second title, “Poet,” can be interpreted as a symbol of creativity, imagination, and expression.

The lyrics include “a voice that’s been stolen,” which could represent the struggle that many artists face when trying to find their voice in a world that often stifles creativity.

King: Thematic Representation

The third title, “King,” can be interpreted as a symbol of power, authority, and leadership. The lyrics “a crown that’s been stolen” could represent the loss of power that many people experience when they are oppressed or marginalized.

The use of symbolism, metaphor, and thematic representation in “Soldier, Poet, King” helps convey the complex emotions and struggles people face daily.

The Oh Hellos: Musical Style

The Oh Hellos is an American folk rock band formed by siblings Tyler and Maggie Heath. Their music uniquely blends indie rock, folk, and classical influences. The band is known for its intricate harmonies, rich instrumentation, and poetic lyricism.

Their sound is characterized by a blend of acoustic and electric instruments, including banjo, mandolin, violin, cello, and piano. The band’s music often incorporates complex arrangements, with multiple layers of instrumentation and vocal harmonies.

The Oh Hellos’ musical style is deeply rooted in traditional folk music, but their sound is also influenced by contemporary indie rock and classical music. Their music often features complex time signatures and unconventional song structures, which add to the band’s distinctive sound.

Impact and Influence of Soldier, Poet, King

soldier poet king song impact

The song “Soldier, Poet, King” by The Oh Hellos has been praised for its poetic lyrics, powerful message, and unique sound.

One of the reasons why “Soldier, Poet, King” has resonated with so many people is its universal message of hope and redemption. The song speaks to the human experience of searching for a place of peace and solace amid life’s difficulties.

Another reason for the song’s impact is its biblical imagery and themes. The song draws heavily from the Bible, particularly the book of Revelation, to convey its message of justice and righteousness. This adds depth and richness to the song and resonates with people of faith.

Similarly, the song’s unique sound has also contributed to its popularity. The Oh Hellos have a distinctive folk-inspired sound that blends traditional instruments with modern production techniques.

This combination creates a nostalgic and contemporary sound, making it accessible to a wide range of listeners.

Popularity on TikTok

Viral Trends

The “Soldier, Poet, or King” quiz has become a viral trend on TikTok. Users take the quiz to determine which of the three categories they belong to.

The trend has grown in popularity since early 2023 and shows no signs of slowing down. The quiz has been shared across various social media platforms as well.

User Interpretations

Users have been interpreting their results in different ways, with some taking the quiz for fun and others using it as a tool for self-reflection.

Others have created their versions of the quiz with different categories. The quiz has started conversations about personality types and how they relate to people’s lives.

The quiz has also been used to connect with others on TikTok. Users often share their results with others, comparing their personality types and discussing what they mean. The quiz has become a way for people to bond over shared traits and experiences.

The “Soldier, Poet, or King” quiz sparked conversations about personality types and how they relate to people’s lives. It’s become a way for people to connect with others on TikTok.

Closing Thoughts

“Soldier, Poet, King” is a complex and thought-provoking song that explores themes of redemption, vulnerability, and strength. The song’s lyrics and melody work together to create an emotional and powerful listening experience that can resonate with listeners personally.

The song’s references to CS Lewis’s writing, specifically The Screwtape Letters, add another layer of depth to the song’s meaning and message. Likewise, the use of religious imagery and symbolism further underscores the song’s theme of spiritual redemption and growth.

While the specific meaning of “Soldier, Poet, King” may be open to interpretation, the song’s message of finding strength in vulnerability and remaining true to oneself is universal. It can resonate with listeners from all walks of life.

Whether listened to for its religious themes or its universal message of strength and vulnerability, the song will leave a lasting impression on its listeners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the origin of the phrase ‘Soldier, Poet, King’?

The phrase ‘Soldier, Poet, King’ is an ancient phrase that has been used to describe great leaders throughout history. It is believed to have originated in ancient Greece, where it was used to describe the ideal qualities of a leader. In modern times, the phrase has been used in literature, music, and film to portray characters who possess these qualities.

What are the lyrics to ‘Soldier, Poet, King’ by The Oh Hellos?

The lyrics to ‘Soldier, Poet, King’ by The Oh Hellos are available on various lyric websites. The song tells the story of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and his role as a ‘Soldier, Poet, King.’ The lyrics are filled with religious imagery and symbolism, and the song is often interpreted as an allegory for the struggle between good and evil.

Who sings ‘Soldier, Poet, King’?

‘Soldier, Poet, King’ is a song by the American folk rock band The Oh Hellos. The song was released in 2015 on their album Dear Wormwood. The band is known for their intricate harmonies and thoughtful lyrics, and their music is often described as a blend of traditional folk and indie rock.

What are the characteristics of a ‘Soldier, Poet, King’?

The characteristics of a ‘Soldier, Poet, King’ are often described as bravery, creativity, and leadership. These qualities are often associated with great leaders throughout history, and the phrase is often used to describe characters who possess these qualities in literature, music, and film.

What does ‘Brow laid in thorn’ mean in the context of The Oh Hellos’ music?

‘Brow laid in thorn’ is a phrase that appears in the lyrics of several songs by The Oh Hellos, including ‘Soldier, Poet, King.’ The phrase refers to the crown of thorns placed on the head of Jesus Christ during his crucifixion. In the context of The Oh Hellos’ music, the phrase is often used to symbolize the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

What is the meaning of ‘O lei o lai’ in English?

‘O lei o lai’ is a phrase that appears in the lyrics of several songs by The Oh Hellos, including ‘Soldier, Poet, King.’ The phrase is believed to be a Hawaiian chant, and its meaning is unclear. The phrase is often interpreted as a call to action in the song’s context, urging listeners to rise and fight against injustice.

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