Peewee Longway Net Worth – His Childhood and Rap Career

Peewee Longway is an American rapper, born on August 17, 1984, in Atlanta, Georgia. He is best known for his mixtape “The Blue M&M “ released in 2016.

Peewee Longway Net Worth

Peewee Longway has an estimated net worth of $1 million. His earnings are from his mixtapes, studio albums, tours, concerts, and other appearances.

He has been also gaining his money from his YouTube channel with 140,000 subscribers. He created his Youtube on November 2, 2016. 

He also founded a music group called MPA or MPA BandCamp which is comprised of more or less 15 rappers. Some of the artists in the group are DJ Drama, Cassius Jay, LoLife Blacc, and  Krazy Blacx.

He also earns from sponsorship deals and brand partnerships.

Personal Life

Peewee Longway was born Quincy Lamont Williams on August 17, 1984, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Longway spent his early days in the Zone 3 district with another popular rapper, Young Thug.

He grew up with his brother and sister and they were raised by a single parent. He described their neighborhood as the usual ‘hood’ where people were husting constantly. Drug dealing and shooting were also normal in the neighborhood.

 He was also arrested several times for possession of firearms, marijuana distribution, and driving with a suspended license. He was also associated with the Crisp Gang.

In terms of his studies, it took him more years to graduate because of his absenteeism. Peewee also got involved in some troubles during his teenage years. It is also reported that he did not pursue a college education.

He is the nephew of the Brick Squad member Cold Blooded Da Don who introduced him to Gucci Mane.

Professional Career

Peewee Longway made his debut as a rapper when he dropped his mixtape called “Money, Pounds, Ammunition“on March 22, 2013. Because of the mixtape’s huge commercial success, he got a contract with Gucci Mane’s record company, 1017 Records.

He was one of the last rappers to be signed to the company before Gucci Mane got arrested. Since this happened, he needed to fend off for himself. He then founded the MPA BandCamp music group.

He released another mixtape “Running Around The Lobby” on August 19, 2013, under his MPA label.

He is also a member of a rap group with Gucci Mane and Young Dolph, together they are known as “Felix Brothers”. They released their first project in July 2014.

He produced his first studio album “The Blue M&M” on August 19, 2016. Some of the tracks included in the album are “Sneakin n Geekin” and “Servin Lean” (remix) which featured A$AP Rocky.

One of his most popular songs is “Loaded” which he recorded with Young Thug.

His second album is titled “Long Money” and was released on October 4, 2019. 

Peewee Longway also collaborated with other artists like Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Jose Quapo, and Rich Homie Quan.


Peewee Longway Dating History

Peewee Longway is discreet about his dating life. It is not known if the rapper is single or in a relationship. 

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