Matt and Liz Raad Net Worth – Get To Know The Raads

Matt and Liz Raad are Australian business and website Angel investors and keynote speakers. 

Matt and Liz Raad Net Worth

Matt and Liz Raad have a combined net worth of around $1 million to $5 million. They are business and website investors. They are experts on buying websites, renovating and optimizing them to make a profit or increase revenue. They also educate others on Digital Marketing.

They hold one-on-one onboarding sessions and monthly training calls with their students. The husband and wife also conduct yearly seminars and people need to go to Australia to attend them.

According to their website, their goal is “to give these students and their families a skill for life that they can use to build a portfolio of website assets and income.”

Personal Life

Matt and Liz Raad are married and have children together. They live in Brisbane, Australia. Together, they invest in various businesses and websites.

They consider themselves futurists who believe that people must possess a special set of skills to survive in a digital world.

The Raads have more than 1K followers on their Facebook page.

Professional Career

Matt and Liz Raad began their business career by buying and selling traditional offline businesses. They quickly realized that the highest profit margin and cash flow was happening online, so they gradually transitioned and applied their buy and sell strategies to websites and other online assets.

Doing this is not a quick way to make money. An individual will not get rich overnight. It’s going to require time and hard work to optimize the websites and see the cash flowing.

Also, having a capital is important to buy off a few sites so you can start on your business.

Their online business courses are now delivered through their eBusiness Institute which is a training organization created to deliver necessary digital skills

On their website, you can see their courses which are Digital Investors Program, WebDev Accelerator, Champions Digital Entrepreneurs, and Digital Marketing Kickstarter Course.

Matt and Liz Raad also have a private coaching program which is opened only once a year for applications from students who have completed the Digital Profits Program or have attended our 3-Day Digital Profits Workshop.

Matt and Liz Raad Marriage History

Matt and Liz Raad are married to each other. However, details of their marriage are undisclosed to the public.

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