Lori Arnold Net Worth – How Rich is the Queen of Meth?

Lori Arnold, also known as the Queen of Meth, rose to prominence because of her large-scale Methamphetamine production and distribution.

Lori Arnold Net Worth

Lori Arnold has a net worth of approximately $100,000 USD because of her involvement in the Methamphetamine industry in the 1980s.

She also starred in her own series on Discovery Plus titled “Queen of Meth” in 2021 which is a three-part documentary. The show documents her criminal past.

She reportedly owns a lot of expensive jewelry, a ranch, expensive sports cars, and a yacht.

Personal Life

Lori Arnold was born in 1960 to her parents Jack Arnold and Linda Kay in Ottumwa, Iowa. When her parents separated and divorced, Lori and her siblings had an unstable childhood. Scott Arnold, a comedian, and Tom Arnold an actor are her brothers.

Her father, Jack, married his neighbor Ruth and together, the two raised Lori and her siblings. Lori was doing good in school and also participated in school activities until seventh grade. She received outstanding grades and even frequents the church.

When Lori was 14, she and her elder brother Tom, moved in with their mother. This would prove problematic for them as their mother was an alcoholic.

Arnold married Floyd Stockdall who is a local motorcycle rider in May 1980. Stockdall was the former president of the Grim Reapers Motorcycle Club. The club was involved in the illegal trafficking of narcotics and firearms. In 1981, Lori and Floyd had their first child named Josh. 

Lori was introduced to Meth in 1984 by Floyd’s brother, Mike. She believed this could get her out of poverty and her financial troubles. In 1986, she started buying and selling Meth. Lori was a great salesperson and she made connections and deals with people from different places in various states. Not long after, her business grew.

Only a few years later, Lori was making good money and was able to buy properties, cars, and other expensive things. It was also reported that there was a time when she was making $200,000 every week. 

In 1991, her 170-acre ranch was raided and she was put into prison. When she got out, she met and married her third husband, John Woten who is a truck driver. Their relationship ended on a bad note when John was accused of stealing from Lori. They filed for divorce only six months after their marriage.

Lori then filed for bankruptcy. This is when Discovery Plus took interest and picked up her story.

Professional Career

Lori Arnold appeared in the three-part documentary “Queen of Meth” which is about her life and criminal past. During the 19800s, she had a massive Methamphetamine business. She had big operations, especially in the Midwest. Her drug production and operations were based on a 170-acre ranch in Ottumwa, Iowa.

She was arrested by the DEA in 1991. They seized more than $10 million in assets from her. She was convicted of drug trafficking and money laundering and spent 15 years in prison.

Lori Arnold Dating History

Lori Arnold had three husbands but all relationships ended badly. Her first one was Bobby, and they divorced after a short time.

Her second husband was Floyd Stockdall who died of a heart attack while in prison. 

Her third one was John Woten whom she divorced when she accused him of stealing from her.

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