Last Chance U Basketball Season 2: Where Are They Now? Catching Up with the Court’s Standouts

With the drop of “Last Chance U: Basketball Season 2” on Netflix, viewers have been on the edge of their seats, not just for the on-court drama, but for the off-the-court journeys of the East Los Angeles College basketball players. It’s one thing to follow the Huskies as they dribble and dunk their way through a season filled with highs and lows, but it’s an entirely different game to catch up with where these determined athletes have landed after the final buzzer sounded.

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The second installment of the hit docuseries didn’t hold back in giving fans an intimate look at the hurdles faced by the hoops stars at this pivotal point in their athletic careers. The big question on everyone’s minds following their bittersweet departure from ELAC: Where are the players now? From swishing baskets in professional arenas to taking bold strides in different walks of life, these players’ stories did not conclude with the season’s finale.

Viewers who rallied behind the underdogs and behind-the-scenes heroes of last season are now hunting down updates. They’re eager to discover which courts these players are lighting up today—and whether they’re still chasing the dream that the Netflix series so vividly painted. It seems everyone’s keen to trace those slam-dunks and alley-oops well past the ELAC hardwood, proving that for “Last Chance U” alumni, life beyond the show can be as gripping as their on-screen escapades.

Overview of Last Chance U: Basketball

A basketball court filled with players in action, coaches on the sidelines, and fans cheering in the stands. The energy is palpable as the game unfolds

Last Chance U: Basketball” is a captivating Netflix docuseries that dives into the world of community college basketball, showcasing the East Los Angeles College Huskies’ gripping journey under the tutelage of head coach John Mosley. This series, a spinoff of the critically acclaimed “Last Chance U,” charts the highs and lows of striving for success amidst personal and collective challenges.

Concept and Impact of the Series

“Last Chance U: Basketball” resonates with audiences through its raw portrayal of talented athletes at a crossroads. The ELAC Huskies embody dreams, hopes, and the harsh realities of sports at the community college level. The series has garnered attention not only for its intense emotional depth but also for spotlighting the lesser-seen aspects of the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA) basketball circuit.

Analysis of Season 2’s Narrative

The narrative of Season 2 pivots around the formidable COVID-19 pandemic, which presented unprecedented challenges for the team. The Huskies navigated through the turbulent season, showcasing resilience in the face of canceled games and altered playoffs. Against all odds, head coach John Mosley kept the team focused on their ultimate goal: reaching the CCCAA state playoff.

East Los Angeles College Huskies

The ELAC Huskies, a dynamic men’s basketball team from East Los Angeles College, have become synonymous with grit and potential through “Last Chance U.” The series pulls back the curtain on personal stories, forging a bond between the viewer and the individual players as they chase collegiate success and vie for a spot in the regional playoffs.

Recognition and Awards

Since its inception, “Last Chance U: Basketball” has scored points with fans and critics alike, though formal accolades may not yet mirror its cultural impact. The docuseries has heightened the profile of the ELAC Huskies and emphasized the importance of sports narratives in contemporary storytelling on platforms like Netflix.

Coach John Mosley

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Coach John Mosley became a prominent figure in the basketball world after his appearance on the hit docuseries “Last Chance U: Basketball.” With a resume that showcases his commitment to molding athletes in a community college setting, Mosley’s influence extends far beyond game strategies, leaving an indelible mark on the East Los Angeles College Huskies and all who come to know him.

Career Highlights

Throughout his tenure as the head coach of the East Los Angeles College Huskies, John Mosley has steered the team to numerous victories with a robust emphasis on academic success alongside athletic prowess. He is admired for transforming a group of promising athletes into a cohesive and competitive force within the challenging landscape of community college basketball.

Coaching Philosophy and Legacy

Coach Mosley’s philosophy orbits around the development of both character and skill. He is a mentor known for his dynamic approach, fostering an environment where players are encouraged to achieve excellence in both sports and life. His legacy at East Los Angeles College includes numerous players moving on to Division I programs, a testament to his ability to cultivate success in young athletes.

Impact Beyond the Court

Beyond his coaching abilities, Mosley’s impact resonates through his contribution to the East Los Angeles community. His dedication to his players extends off the court, as he mentors them through personal challenges, ensuring that their trajectory isn’t confined to just basketball but is also inclined toward personal growth and educational attainment.

Life after Last Chance U

The exposure from “Last Chance U: Basketball” has put a spotlight on Mosley’s remarkable work. It’s not just about the game; it’s about shaping lives. While he continues his journey with the Huskies, Mosley’s story carries forward the ethos that with the right guidance, anyone can rebound from adversity to achieve their dreams in the competitive arena of sports and beyond.

Where Are They Now

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The past season of Last Chance U Basketball has been a rollercoaster, leaving fans curious about the journeys of the standout East Los Angeles College Huskies. With their grit and determination, several players are making their mark in the world of college basketball and beyond.

Updates on Key Players

Joe Hampton took his raw talent and tenacious spirit to the Central Michigan University, where he’s dazzling as a dynamic power forward. Dezmond Washington’s persistence led him to become a valuable player at Grambling State University GSU Tigers. In the meantime, Dezmond Washington showed promise, and his journey led him to the Grambling State University GSU Tigers, illustrating the very essence of having the heart of a Husky.

Displaying sheer determination, Malik Muhammad is now a member of the distinguished University of Southern California USC team, a testament to the transformative power of ELAC’s basketball program. Deshaun Highler continues his journey in basketball, carrying the lessons from ELAC with him on his path.

Success Stories of Former Huskies

The court isn’t the only place where these athletes shine. For instance, KJ Allen leveraged his ELAC experience, opening up opportunities to play at a higher level, and he’s doing just that with style. Meanwhile, the buoyant Bryan Penn-Johnson waves the Huskies’ flag at Cal Poly Mustangs, ushering in a new era for both himself and the team.

Each of these Huskies carried the lessons from Last Chance U Basketball forward, embodying the college potential that ELAC players have. Whether they aim for the NBA or make a name for themselves in Division I, they continue to play with the heart that ELAC and the series instilled in them.

The Journey of Student Athletes

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The real-world challenges and triumphs of the ELAC Huskies from Last Chance U: Basketball provide a deep dive into the unique experiences of student athletes pushing to make their mark.

Challenges and Overcoming Adversity

Student athletes face a unique set of challenges, both on and off the court. For the team featured in the Netflix show, adversity wasn’t just another drill during practice—it was a daily reality. Players like KJ Allen tackled the hefty expectations of basketball alongside personal battles, illustrating the resilience required to chase success in sports. When Covid-19 slammed dunked the globe into a pandemic, these athletes had to play extra defense, with some even contracting the virus and recovering. It wasn’t just the physical game that tested them, but their mental fortitude, constantly being checked by shifting dynamics of community college athletics within the CCCAA.

Academic Achievements and Opportunities

Off the court, players served up impressive academic accolades. Achievements like obtaining a GED or pursuing a degree are commendable feats for students who also spend rigorous hours in training. East Los Angeles College provided a springboard for scholars like Damani Whitlock, who took his game both academic and basketball to California Polytechnic State University. Victory isn’t just measured in points scored but in credits earned as these student athletes leveraged educational opportunities through their sport.

Transition to Advanced Careers

Success on the court is just one part of their narrative; the leap from East Los Angeles College to esteemed universities and professional pathways showcases the transformative impact of the Netflix show. Shemar Marrow and Brandon Wilson secured their future by transferring to schools with Division I teams. Meanwhile, LJ Zeigler aimed high with ambitions of becoming a civil engineer. Then there’s Justin Gladley, who pivoted to Chicago State University, and Rob Robson joining the ranks of the Crookston Golden Eagles. These students used their basketball skills as a pivot to slam dunk into advanced careers, proving the court was just their first playing field.

Culture and Community at ELAC

A diverse group of players, coaches, and fans gather at ELAC for a basketball game, showcasing the strong sense of community and cultural diversity at the school

At East Los Angeles College (ELAC), the blend of sport and academia draws a vibrant community together, underpinned by the philosophy of Coach John Mosley. Known as a mentor as much as a coach, Mosley infuses the Huskies’ basketball program with more than just strategies for winning games; he instills life lessons that resonate beyond the court.

ELAC, a bustling community college in the heart of East Los Angeles, is not just about education but also about creating a cohesive environment for those seeking a second shot at success. The Huskies basketball team, propelled into the limelight by “Last Chance U,” exemplifies this ethos, rallying a mix of students, athletes, and East LA locals who might be considered vips in their own right, forging a collective identity.

  • Academic Influence: ELAC focuses on developing both academic skills and athletic prowess.
  • Community Engagement: The college serves as a beacon for local youth, offering guidance and opportunity.
  • Athletic Merit: ELAC Huskies show that diligence and teamwork on the basketball court are paralleled in their academic pursuits.

From the chalk-bordered plays of the Huskies to the impassioned speeches of their coach, the culture here is one of hard knocks meeting hard work—a combination that produces not just players, but young adults ready for the world. The camaraderie is palpable, with every dribble and every lecture contributing to a sense of unity and purpose among those roaming the corridors of ELAC.

In essence, the reality of ELAC weaves a compelling narrative of sports shaping lives, a theme that “Last Chance U” captures with an authentic, witty edge.

The Role of Media in Sports

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The intersection of media and sports has always generated captivating content that goes beyond the court. Documentaries like “Last Chance U” have reshaped not only sports narratives but also the real-life prospects of the individuals featured within them.

Last Chance U’s Influence on Public Perception

Netflix’s “Last Chance U” leverages its platform to shift public perception, showcasing the tumultuous journey of the ELAC men’s basketball team. By providing an unfiltered look into the challenges faced by student athletes, the docuseries has turned viewers into avid supporters, deeply invested in the players’ personal growth and athletic successes.

The Power of Storytelling in Sports

The power of storytelling within sports is undeniable, as seen in “Last Chance U.” The series skillfully presents narratives that transcend basketball, resonating with a broader entertainment audience. It’s not just about winning games; it’s about overcoming life’s fouls and scoring personal victories that keep viewers glued to their screens until the final credits roll.

Marketing and Promotion of the Series

The marketing and promotion of “Last Chance U” have been a slam dunk in terms of reaching its target demographic. Premiering as a Netflix show, the series offers an all-access pass to the gritty reality of junior college basketball, securing its spot in the entertainment lineup with each intense and heart-wrenching season release.

Looking to the Future

A basketball court with empty bleachers, a scoreboard showing "Last Chance U Season 2," and a banner reading "Looking to the Future."

As the buzzer echoes on Last Chance U: Basketball Season 2, the players step off the court with their gaze fixed firmly on what lies ahead. After a season fraught with highs and lows, it’s off to the next chapter for these determined athletes.

The transition from community college to larger stages looms, with many of them eyeing positions in NCAA Division I teams. Their dreams are vast, but so is their grit. They’ve dribbled past adversity under the steadfast guidance of head coach John Mosley, whose mentorship was more than just about sports; it was about life.

In the sunny environs of West LA, the team’s potential has been more than just a talking point; it’s been proven on the court. With a playbook of moves and a hearty dose of perseverance, playoffs are not a far-off dream, but a milestone waiting to be achieved.

PlayerNext Steps
Joe HamptonPoised for a shot at the pros, confidence in tow.
Deshaun HighlerHopes to make waves in Division I, undeterred.
Malik MuhammadEyes on the prize, with ambitions sky-high.

What hovers on the horizon for these resilient individuals is not just a game of basketball but a lifelong pursuit of excellence – off and on the court. They’re more than players; they’re contenders in the grand game of life, ready to take that shot when it counts.


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Reflecting on the journey of the ELAC Huskies in Last Chance U: Basketball Season 2, one can’t help but admire the grit and resilience showcased throughout the Netflix docuseries. The paths taken by the athletes have been as diverse as their backgrounds, with each player carving out their own destiny post the limelight of community college basketball.

The commitment of head coach John Mosley remains the bedrock of the team’s philosophy. His influence has extended beyond the court, as evident in the life choices his players have made after their stint at ELAC. Whether they’ve continued their academic and athletic careers or pursued other ventures, the impact of their time at East Los Angeles College is palpable.

  • Joe Hampton: Proved his mettle and talent, taking his game to international courts.
  • Deshaun Highler: Showcased his skills, enhancing his basketball resume.
  • Malik Muhammad: Continues to excel, representing his sheer determination.

The docuseries not only entertained but provided profound insights into the struggles and triumphs of junior college athletes. Fans who followed their stories through Netflix have witnessed personal growth, community spirit, and the transformative power of sports. No doubt, season 2 of Last Chance U: Basketball has left a lasting impression on those who tuned in to follow the journey of these spirited young men and their impassioned coach.


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When tracing the steps of the “Last Chance U: Basketball” Season 2 cast, readers might find themselves weaving through various media outlets for updates. A few breadcrumbs were left on Reality Titbit, where they teased fans with snippets of the players’ current pursuits post the show’s airing.

For those who relish the play-by-play on player whereabouts, Distractify took a shot at tracking the ELAC Huskies. Their piece highlights the returning members and transfers, giving fans the fast break on the latest movements.

Basketball enthusiasts searching for a more detailed game plan should scope out Sportslulu. The site offers a play-by-play on former players like Joe Hampton, charting their post-show trajectory towards successful careers.

If a behind-the-scenes look is what one craves, The Cinemaholic dissects the current status of the show’s stars with as much precision as a point guard analyzing the court.

Lastly, Screen Rant throws up a three-pointer with their take on the “Last Chance U: Basketball” Season 2 cast. They peer into the after-game report to give the post-season low down for the ELAC Huskies aficionados who need to know.

  • Reality Titbit: Updates and snappy overviews of the cast’s current whereabouts.
  • Distractify: Player-focused status report of key ELAC figures.
  • Sportslulu: Detailed accounts of select player journeys post-show.
  • The Cinemaholic: A deeper dive into the “where are they now” of the cast.
  • Screen Rant: Broad strokes on the player’s paths following season 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The courts are buzzing with questions about the dynamic and talented cast of “Last Chance U: Basketball Season 2.” As they pivot from the junior college spotlight to new challenges, fans are eager to catch up with where their journeys have taken them.

Which cast members from Last Chance U Basketball Season 2 are making waves in their careers now?

Joe Hampton has made a significant leap, advancing his career in basketball by playing overseas in Columbia, as outlined by sectors of the sports press.

Have any former Last Chance U Basketball players been drafted or signed into the NBA?

While there’s no current confirmation of “Last Chance U” alumni being drafted into the NBA, several players have pursued professional careers in various leagues around the globe.

What’s the latest buzz on the East Los Angeles College hoopsters post-Season 2?

Several players, including Justin Gladley and Shemar Morrow, returned to East Los Angeles College to continue their collegiate basketball careers, showcasing their determination to grow within the ELAC Huskies pack, as documented by entertainment outlets.

Which Season 2 alumni have gone pro in basketball, and how are they doing?

The show’s standout players, like Joe Hampton, have taken their talents abroad to compete professionally, aiming to leave their mark on international courts and possibly eyeing a future in the NBA.

Are there any updates on KJ Allen and his journey after the show?

As of the latest intel, KJ Allen committed to playing at the University of Southern California, a move that marks a significant step up from junior college to NCAA Division I basketball.

How have the lives and careers of Season 2’s players evolved since the series ended?

The post-show era for these athletes has been a mix of collegiate achievement and professional pursuits, with some like Deshaun Highler and Malik Muhammad exploring opportunities beyond ELAC, demonstrating the show’s impact on their resilience and ambition.

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