Joey Luft Net Worth – The Story Behind His Long and Successful Career

Joey Luft Thomas is an American actor and producer born on March 29, 1955. He is popular for “Great Performances,” “The Judy Garland Show,” and “60 Minutes.”

Joey Luft Net Worth

Joey Luft has a net worth amounting to be $1.5 million USD. He acquired his wealth and earnings from a very successful career in the show business or entertainment industry. 

He appeared in many films and televisions shows. He produced several documentaries, films, and books about his mother’s life as well. Talking about his mom, she is Judy Garland, an iconic American actress during the 1930s and so on.

Going back to Joey’s life, aside from acting in films, he also acted in musicals as well. 

His professional career started in the 1960s. He absolutely has many achievements that greatly contribute to the rise of his net worth.

Personal Life

Joey Luft, with the birth name Joseph Wiley Luft, was born in Los Angeles California on March 29, 1955. His parents are the esteemed actress and singer Judy Garland, and the American showbiz personality Michael Sidney Luft.

Her sisters are Lorna Luft and Liza Minelli. Liza Minelli is another very famous celebrity in Hollywood. Minelli is Luft’s half-sister from her mother’s third husband. He also has two brothers, Andrew Luft and John Luft.

Joey did not have a happy childhood as his father was abusive towards him. Her mother and father separated in 1963 and officially divorced in 1965. His life was negatively impacted by his parent’s separation. 

Tragically, her mother died at only 47 years old.

Professional Career

Joey Luft started his professional career in the year 1963 when he joined his mother’s musical “I Could Go on Singing.” It was also this time when the relationship between his mother and father was going sour. Because of this, he kept to himself but kept supporting her mother, Judy Garland, until her eventual death in 1969.

To showcase his love for this mother, he tried to revive his mother’s memory through various documentaries and films. He was one of the many people responsible for bringing Judy Garland’s stories to life.

Joey and his father, Sidney Luft, also worked together to bring “The Judy Garland Show” to life in color. They started to go on tour around the United States to show episodes of the show in the mid-1980s.

In 2014, he introduced his project titled “A Judy Garland Concert With Joey Luft.”

Other notable works of Joey Luft are “The Oscars” in 2001, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: 50 Years of Magic” in 1990,  “Hollywood Celebrates Its Biggest Little Stars!” in 2009,  “Great Performances,” and “The Judy Garland Show.”

Right now, the famous actor and producer is now retired and enjoying his life in retirement with his family and loved ones.

Joey Luft Dating History

Even though Joey came from a prominent family of singers, performers, and actors who are very well-known in the entertainment industry, he prefers to keep his private life hidden. This includes his marital status and the number of his children. 

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