Jayma Cardoso Net Worth – The Story of the Brazilian Businesswoman

Jayma Cardoso is a Brazilian businesswoman based in New York City. She is responsible for creating various high-profile nightlife establishments in the city.

Jayma Cardoso Net Worth

Jayma Cardoso’s net worth is around $1.5 million USD. She owns many high-end nightlife clubs including  CAIN, GoldBar, Lavo, and the Surf Lodge. 

CAIN is a safari-themed club in Chelsea which is on the West Side of Manhattan. The place is known for having wealthy residents. After the success of CAIN, Cardoso founded GoldBar. It is an exclusive high-end bar in North of Little Italy, also known as, NoLIta. She is also a partner at Lovo which is an Italian restaurant and a nightclub on the Upper East Side, also known for its lavish and luxurious neighborhoods and establishments. Finally, the Surf Lodge was opened in 2008. 

Personal Life

Jayma Cardoso was born in Curitiba, Brazil, where she also grew up.  After her father died, she and her mother moved to Newark in New York. She was 17 years old then. At 19, she relocated to Manhattan and studied at Fordham University.

To pay for her college tuition, Jayma Cardoso worked as a hostess in a restaurant in SoHo, a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan. She eventually became a cocktail waitress at Lotus which is a nightclub in the meatpacking district. 

While working there, she met Jamie Mulholland, a bartender from South Africa. They started to work together and start their own business. 

Jayma has over 21.3K followers on her Instagram account where she posts many pictures of her businesses and her family. 

Professional Career

Jayma Cardoso started her career as a hostess in various restaurants. After she met Jamie Mulholland, the two collaborated and decided to start their own business venture.

They found the money to establish CAIN, which was a huge success. The safari-themed club has been patronized by many. A year after opening CAIN, they opened GoldBar. It is an upscale and exclusive gilded bar in North Little Italy or NoLIta. Jayma is also a co-owner of Lavo, an Italian restaurant on the Upper East Side.

In 2008, she, with her two associates, got the Montauk motel renovated. Afterwards, they opened the Surf Lodge. As the popularity of the Surf Lodge grew, the community around it got disrupted. It had more than 900 zoning and other various crimes. It was nearly forced to close. The Surf Lodge was sold to a company owned by a tech investor named Michael Walrath. It reopened in 2012.

Jayma Cardoso opened the Snow Lodge, a pop-up installation in Park City, Utah, for the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. In 2015, the entrepreneur also opened a pop-up in Sydney, Australia just in time for the 2016 New Year.

Jayma Cardoso Dating History

 Jayma Cardoso is married to John J. Zidziunas. They also have a son together. No other information is available about her family.

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