Alfie Oakes Net Worth – Is Farming Worth It?

Alfie Oakes is an American farmer, businessman, and politician. He is the founder and CEO of Oakes Farms.

Alfie Oakes Net Worth

Alfie Oakes’s net worth is approximately $50 million. He is the founder and Chief Executive Office (CEO) of Oakes Farms, an agribusiness headquartered in South Florida. The company produces, packages, distributes, and sells fruits and vegetables, seafoods, and other agricultural products. 

Oakes also owns Fruit Dynamics and Food & Thought. Fruit Dynamics uses technological science and applied research to develop fresh produce. Food & Thought is an all-in-one organic general store.

 In 2020, he was elected to represent Collier County as a member of the Florida Republican Party state committee. 

Personal Life

Alfie Oakes was born on June 16, 1968  in Delaware City, Delaware. His family moved to Florida when he was still young. He studied at North Fort Myers High School.

His family owned a small produce stand which he was involved in since he was five. At 15, he started selling tomatoes and watermelons from the back of a pickup truck at the Cape Coral bridge. 

By the time he was 18, Oakes began his own agribusiness by planting and selling tomatoes, zucchini, and strawberries. After graduating from high school, he was doing wholesale deals and harvesting his own crops.When his crops were destroyed by frost in 1989, he began importing tomatoes from Honduras. His first business failed, so he relocated to Texas to sell watermelons.

Professional Career

Alfie Oakes returned to Florida. He leased 40 acres of land in Punta Gorda to plant zucchini. He used the profit to found Oakes Farms Market in Naples, Florida, with his father Frank Oakes in 1994. His father left the company in 2005.

Oakes Farms, which is one of the largest independent agribusiness operations, has reached a global market, including farming, packing, shipping, processing, retail markets, food service and seafood distribution. 

The company opened a supermarket named Seed To Table in North Naples in December 2019. According to their website, in Seed to Table, one will “find fresh produce from our farms, a butcher shop, fish market, 2-story wine section, full-service bakery, several restaurants & food kiosks, ice cream shop, a cafe, juice & smoothie bar, wine bar, large deli, cheese section, sushi bar, large all-organic section, ready-made meals, playground for the kids, and fresh garden center with plants/herbs/flowers.”

Also in Naples, Food & Thought is an organic, GMO free, and all-natural food market, café and juice bar in Florida. Oakes also owns Fruit Dynamics which uses research and technology to develop fresh produce.

His business was founded to support his friends and neighbors and promote healthy living. Since he was young, his father taught him the benefits of consuming clean and organic food. All in all, Alfie Oakes has around 3500 employees who he values and builds connections with. 

In 2020, he was chosen to represent Collier County as a member of the Florida Republican Party state committee. 

Alfie Oakes Relationship Status

Alfie Oakes is married to Deanne Dilger Oakes. They have three children together.

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