James St. Patrick Net Worth – Get To Know More About ‘Ghost’

James St. Patrick is the main protagonist of the “Power” universe. He is portrayed by the American actor Omari Hardwick.


James St. Patrick Net Worth

James St. Patrick has an estimated net worth of $5 million USD. The majority of his income comes from his businesses and criminal involvement. He owns a nightclub called Truth, with Tony who is his right hand man. The nightclub is just a front for their drug empire.

Personal Life

James St. Patrick was born in Queens, New York in the United States. He was raised by his father who had his own club. This inspired James to have his own club. While he was growing up, James was close to his Uncle Gabe. 

At one point, he stopped some thugs from beating Tommy Egan which led to the two of them being close friends.

James’ father died after he was killed by drug dealers. After this, James left his old home and moved in with Tommy. The pair struggled to survive and began selling drugs in their original hometown South Jamaica Queens in order to finance their daily needs. He started going by the nickname “Ghost” as he became so professional in selling drugs and so good at disappearing before the police could even find him.

James St. Patrick met Angela Valdes in high school. The two were in a relationship but Angela or Angie’s family didn’t like him because of him dealing drugs. Eventually, Angie went away with her family and James never got a chance to see her again.

He then met and ended up marrying Tasha Green. They have three children together – one son and two daughters. He strongly believes in his husband and that he’ll become the biggest drug dealer in the city. When James opened up to her about going legit with his nightclub, she opposed and said that he should continue with his drug business. Tasha also became very good friends with Tommy, considering him his honorary brother.

Professional Career

James St. Patrick’s drug business grew, becoming an empire. Their nightclub became a cover for their criminal involvement.

Further in the series, James wanted to go legit with the nightclub, stating that it has earned enough money to support their children.

James St. Patrick Dating History

James St. Patrick or Ghost has a wife named Tasha Green. They have 3 children.

He also starts seeing Angela Valdes, his highschool sweetheart, behind Tasha Green. Angela is a prosecutor. He left James in highschool to study law overseas and they lost all contact. They reunited after 18 years to rekindle their relationship.

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