How Rich is Phoebe Bridgers? – The Musician’s Net Worth, Life, and Career

Phoebe Bridgers was born on August 17, 1994. She is an American singer-songwriter and musician born in Pasadena, in the state of California. She was a member of the group, Sloppy Jane, before going solo. 

Phoebe Bridgers Net Worth

Phoebe Bridgers obtained her earnings through being a part of various musical groups, going on tours, and her album sales or discography. 

Bridgers has been in the music industry since 2014 and has definitely made a good living because of her talent. Her net worth grew massively in the years 2018 and 2019.

She also has a huge social media following with more than 1 million followers on Instagram, about 500k followers on Twitter, and has about 100k likes on her Facebook page. She also earns through her accounts by promoting different products and brands.

According to multiple sources, she has a net worth of around $5 million dollars, mainly due to her indie music profession.

Personal Life

Phoebe Lucille Bridgers grew up in Pasadena but she also spent some of her childhood in Ukiah, California.

Phoebe’s father was a film and television set builder. Her mother, on the other hand, worked multiple jobs such as being a receptionist and an executive assistant. She has a younger brother named Jackson. Her parents unfortunately divorced when she was 19 years old.

She studied in Sequoyah School and after she graduated she went to the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts in 2009. There, she studied vocal jazz when she was 13. She started playing bass in the band, Sloppy Jane.

She was then accepted to the Berklee College of Music in Boston but she opted to drop out just after her freshman orientation.

She worked commercially with Taco Bell and HomeGoods. She also worked in the Pasadena Farmers Market when she was younger to earn extra money.

Professional Career

Phoebe Bridgers’ was a part of a number of musical ensembles including Sloppy Joe and Einstein’s Dirty Secret. They played gigs in some places in Los Angeles.

She met an American musician and record producer, Tony Berg, who helped her record her first album for free. While working on her album, she continued to play with Sloppy Jane and they appeared on an Apple commercial.

Sometime later, Bridgers released “Stranger in the Alps.” She met Ryan Adams and signed with his label. In his label, PAX AM, they also collaborated together and released a new EP.

In January 2017, she released her single, called “Smoke Signals.” She went on tour the same year, and in 2018, she toured with Boygenius. In 2019, She also went on tour with Better Oblivion Community Center.

In 2018, she won the Independent Breakthrough of the Year award. In 2020, she was nominated for 4 Grammys as well as the Best New Artist. She also released her album “Punished” the same year.

Phoebe Bridgers Dating History

Phoebe Bridgers is bisexual and was dating Ryan Adams in 2014. Her song “Motion Sickness” is about him. She also dated Marshall Vore, her drummer on tour, in 2017. 

Phoebe created some buzz when she was rumored to be dating Paul Mescal. She then made their relationship public when she posted a photo of them on Instagram.

Paul Mescal is an Irish actor famous for his role in the television miniseries Normal People which aired in 2020. 

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