Hannah Ferrier Net Worth and Life – Is There Money in the Yacht Industry?

Hannah Ferrier is an Australian social media personality and reality television star. She gained popularity when she appeared on Bravo TV’s “Below Deck Mediterranean” as the chief stewardess.

Hannah Ferrier Net Worth

Hannah Ferrier has a net worth between $500,000 to $1 million. This is from her work in other industries and from her appearances on the reality show “Below Deck Mediterranean.”

She is also CEO of Ocean International Training Academy. It aims to help people learn the ins and outs of the yachting industry. It is perfect for people who want to start a career with yachts or just want a break from their daily lives. Ocean International Traning Academy offers three yachting courses – Bronze, Silver, and Gold. It also has a blog to keep people updated on the latest news.

Hannah also hosts a podcast called “Dear Reality You’re Effed.”

Personal Life

Hannah Ferrier was born in Sydney, Australia on November 23, 1986.  The names of her parents are not known publicly. She has a brother who unfortunately died when he was 10 years old.

She studied at a school in Sydney but she only attended school until she was 14 years old. After dropping out, she worked as a waitress. After some time, she left that job and worked as a salesperson for an IT and telecommunications company for 7 years.

Afterward, she vacationed in Europe. This is where she discovered her love for yachting and wanted to start a career in it. She worked for 5 years with the “Mediterranean Yacht Tours.” She lived in the US but decided to go back to Europe after just 3 months.

Hannah is now married to Josh Roberts. They have a daughter together named Ava Grace Roberts.

Professional Career

Because of her skills and experience, Bravo TV called her up and asked her to be a part of their new reality show “Below Deck Mediterranean.” This opportunity was huge for her so she grabbed it immediately. She became one of the crew members of the 150-feet yacht in the show.

Her popularity grew immensely when she appeared on the reality show. She is the only crew member who stayed until the later seasons of “Below Deck Mediterranean.” Ferrier then became Chief Stewardess of the yacht.

Hannah left the show after its fifth season. It was reported that she wanted to explore more things but there were also rumors that she was fired from the show.

With the experience from the show, she decided to have another career and would like to encourage others to pursue yachting and help them travel all over the world. With Ocean International Training Academy, Hannah has absolutely become a successful entrepreneur. She has helped many people pursue what they want.

Hannah Ferrier Dating History

Hannah started dating Isaac Humphries, a professional basketball player in Australia, in mid-2018, but they broke up due to unknown reasons.

She is married to Josh Roberts but they prefer to keep their relationship private. They have been blessed with a daughter who they named Ava Grace.

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