Flight Net Worth – The Multi-Talented Youtuber

Flight is an American Youtuber and basketball enthusiast. He does reactions on various videos on the Internet. 

Flight Net Worth

Flight’s net worth is reported to be around $1 million USD. Most of his earnings are from his Youtube career.

He is popular for his reaction to NBA basketball games. He also streams while playing games such as NBA 2K21 and NBA LIVE. Flight also reacts to music videos. He also produces his own music on his Youtube account. The playlist on his Youtube includes Kimani EP, So Inspirational EP, Walking W Album, and FlightReacts Music.

As of 2022, his Youtube channel called FlightReacts has around 4.8 million subscribers. He joined the platform on September 21, 2015, and has almost 360 million total views on his channel. His introduction in his videos is “What it do Flight crew, FTC, Flight team stand up!” He has his second channel called NotYourAverageFlight which has over 4 million subscribers.

YouTubers get paid $2 to $7 per 1000 monetized views. Monetized views range from 40% – 80% of the total views. It is estimated that Flight earns almost $200,000 a year from Youtube. In addition, he has sponsorships and partnerships, and earns money through affiliate commissions.

He owns a number of luxury cars.

Personal Life

Flight was born Kimani Tariq Kamiru-White, on the 7th of August 1995 in Washington, D.C, United States. The names of his mother and father are not known. He has one sister whom he is very close with.

His family moved to West Palm Beach, Florida when he was only one year old. He was born in a middle-class family. His father worked as a photographer, mainly in weddings. Even as a young child, he was very interested in sports and his family supported this.

Flight or Kimani completed his primary education at the Okeeheelee Community Middle School and Liberty Park Elementary School. He then went to Palm Beach State College in Florida. After he graduated, he got a full-time job at a food company.

He still lives in Florida. His height is 6 foot 2 inches and his weight is around 71 kilos or 151 pounds. Being a true sports fan, he collects baseball, basketball, and hockey jerseys. His favorite team in the NBA is the Golden State Warriors.

Professional Career

FlightReacts started his career with a job in the food industry. He worked there for quite some time. 

He began posting videos on Youtube in 2015 and after years of patience and hard work, he is now a successful and famous content creator. His first video is him reacting to “Package stealing gone the wrong” video. 

On his Youtube, he mainly posts reaction videos to NBA games. FLight also plays basketball (1V1s) against other YouTubers, and posts the videos online. He also posts gaming content on his second channel NotYourAverageFlight.

He makes his own music. His most popular song is “Disingenuous” which has over 9.4 million views on his channel. You can also listen to his music on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Flight Dating History

Flight has been linked with a number of women in the past. Some of them are Drea, Ti Taylor, and Ariel Diaz.

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