David Lemanowicz Net Worth – Is He On ‘Thin Ice’?

David Lemanowicz has played hockey at the professional level as a goaltender. However, he has been popular for being the husband of an actress known for appearing in a number of Hallmark Channel movies.

Who is David Lemanowicz? And what’s he been up to these days now that he’s not on the ice? Let’s take a look at his net worth and more!

David Lemanowicz Net Worth

David Lemanowicz may have amassed quite a fortune, thanks to his hockey playing days. While it was difficult to know what his actual earnings were per season, it is said that his estimated net worth is roughly $9 million. This excludes the net worth his wife has. 

His wife, actress Jill Wagner, has approximately $4 million to account for in her net worth. In total, the pair have a collective net worth of $13 million.

Personal Life

David Lemanowicz was born on March 8, 1976, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His parents were Polish immigrants who settled in Canada just a few years before his birth.

He attended school in Canada and played hockey. His talents led him to be drafted by the Florida Panthers in the 1995 NHL Entry Draft. According to his scouting report, Lemanowicz’s athleticism is what drew the attention of the Panthers. He played hockey for nearly seven years for the Spokane Chiefs.

Once, Lemanowicz had enlisted himself in the United States Army. He applied for US citizenship around the time when he was married to his first wife. 

At one point, he explained that he wanted to work for a government agency such as the FBI. He believed that his military experience would help him out.

He tried to balance his military career with hockey, which proved to be a bit stressful on him and his first marriage. His hockey career soon came to an end.

Lemanowicz said that he loved hockey and didn’t want to leave the game forever. At the same time, he felt a certain duty to serve his country.

Professional Career

Lemanowicz played for the Spokane Chiefs for most of his hockey career. He also bounced around several semi-pro teams across the United States and once in Poland. His hockey career came to an end after the 2007-2008 season.

Despite being drafted by an NHL team, Lemanowicz never played in the Big Leagues.

David Lemanowicz Dating History

Lemanowicz married his first wife, Gina, in 2005. The pair had one child, a daughter named Lija, in 2010. They divorced later on.

Lemanowicz had met his current wife, Jill Wagner, years prior to their marriage in 2016. The pair had a child of their own soon after.

David Lemanowicz is living a peaceful life somewhere in Tennessee. He seems content just being the husband of one of the most recognizable actresses on the Hallmark Channel.

What will Lemanowicz do now that he’s out of hockey and the military? Perhaps enjoy his hard-earned money! 

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