Daniel Keem Net Worth – How Rich is the Controversial Youtuber?

Daniel Keem is an American Youtuber, streamer and podcast host. He is also known as Keemstar or DJ Keemstar.

Daniel Keem Net Worth

Daniel Keem’s net worth is estimated at $2 million USD. His Youtube channel is called DramaAlert, with more than 5 million subscribers and a total of over 1 billion views. He created his channel on June 16, 2014.

Keem also co-founded a podcast on Youtube called Baited Podcast on June 18, 2016. His gaming streams are on his channel Keemstar created on December 21, 2017 which has almost 200K subscribers.

He is the founder of Minecraft Monday, which is a popular Minecraft competition among many content creators, as well as,  Friday Fortnite, a popular Fortnite competition consisting for creators, too. 

He has been a part of many controversies as he has been in feuds with Youtubers and many content creators.

Keem also has his own Soundcloud account where he uploads his own music. One of his most famous songs is “Dollar in the Woods.”

Personal Life

Daniel Keem, popularly known as Keemstar, was born on March 8, 1982, in Buffalo, New York. He has one brother and one sister. He is of Italian and Greek descent. Other than that, not much is known about his family, childhood, and education. 

Before his career in Youtube, he was in the field of Law. He worked in a law office for almost 10 years as a debt collector. 

One fact about him is that he loves his hometown, Buffalo, so much that he claims it’s the best place in the world and plans to live there all his life, but he also needs to live in Los Angeles, California because of his work.

Despite his busy schedule and a lot of traveling, he also makes time for his daughter, Mia. He is indeed a great father.

Professional Career

Daniel Keem or Keemstar was first noticed in a video on January 21, 2009. He was talking trash to other players while playing a game of Halo 3.  In the same year, he was featured on “Battlecam,” a streaming service where people talk trash against each other to gain the top spot. 

After gaining popularity, he decided to create his own Youtube channel – DramaAlert. On this channel,  he covers drama and controversial topics on online personalities, especially popular YouTubers and content creators. Because of this, people have been throwing criticisms at him for ruining others’ reputations. Even Though he is a controversial figure, he still has a huge fan base and following.

In 2011, Keem promoted FortressCraft. It is a game like Minecraft which is coming to Xbox Live. Keem contacted the developer and made a deal with him and took part-ownership of the game. The game sold over 2 million copies.

In 2011, Keem held a tournament with Alki David called the “Billionaire’s Challenge” where players competed for prizes. In the challenge, a lot of famous content creators joined.

Daniel Keem Dating History

Daniel Keem or Keemstar has a partner named Cristine Youngman. The two are not married but they have a daughter together named Mia.

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