Burnie Burns Net Worth – Is There Money in Digital Media

Burnie Burns is an American writer, producer, host, comedian, and director. He is the founder of Rooster Teeth.

Burnie Burns Net Worth

Burnie Burns’ net worth is around 5 to 10 million USD. Ronnie has a number of income sources but his ultimate cash cow is the company he founded called Rooster Teeth.  It is a digital media company headquartered in Austin, Texas and was founded in 2003. He was the former chief executive officer, and former chief creative officer.

He is also the director and writer of “Red vs. Blue” which premiered in April 2003 and is still in production, making it the third longest-running episodic web series of all time. Along with writing and directing “Red vs. Blue” Burnie Burns also provided the voices of Church, V.I.C., and Lopez

His works include directorial projects, web series productions, and voice acting roles. He has also been nominated for several awards. He was named one of the “Top 25 Digital Stars” by The Hollywood Reporter in 2015. Burnie Burns is also is a member of the International Academy of Web Television.

One car of his is the Tesla P90D.

Personal Life

Michael Justin Burns or Burnie Burns was born on January 18, 1973 in Rochester, New York but his family moved to Austin, Texas when he was very young. His father was a Physics professor who worked on the Desertron SuperCollider. 

Burns went to high school at Alief Elsik High School. The nickname “Burnie” was given to him by a senior to separate him from the many Michaels in his class. He originally wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. That’s why he joined HOSA or Health Occupations Students of America.  

After completing his high school education, he got accepted at the University of Notre Dame, but he could not afford the tuition so he went to the University of Texas Austin. Burnie got his degree in Bachelor of Arts with a major in Computer Science. 

He got started in video production by volunteering at K29HW-D, Texas Student Television. During his time there, he founded “Sneak Peek,” the longest-running student television program in the world. In the program, he reviewed films and interviewed many guests including Adam Sandler.

In 2015, Burns took part in the 28th season of “The Amazing Race” with his then-fiancée, Ashley Jenkins. The pair came in fourth place.

Professional Career

During his senior year at the University of Texas Austin, Burnie Burns wanted to make a movie. Him, together with  Joel Heyman and Matt Hullum, shot “The Schedule” in three months on 16mm film for $9,000. It took 10 months for Burns to edit the movie.  The film was only screened in a few festivals. They got an offer of $25,000 for the movie but they rejected it since they wanted to hold on to the story. They three then parted ways.

Burns partnered with two fellow computer technicians,  Geoff Ramsey and Gus Sorola, to create a Mac Gamer Switch parody that went viral. They later created “Red vs. Blue”. 

Burnie founded Rooster Teeth to produce “Red vs. Blue” with Sorola, Ramsey, Hullum and Heyman. The first episode was released on April 1, 2003. The show quickly became a smash hit. The whole production team eventually quit their jobs and began to work full-time on the web series. 

In 2004, Burns and Hullum created the comedy web series “The Strangerhood” which uses the same machinima technique.

Rooster Teeth was very successful and has produced a lot of web series, films, and other digital projects.

On December 29, 2008 Burns co-hosted the first episode of the Drunk Tank audio podcast, alongside his Rooster Teeth co-workers Geoff Ramsey and Gus Sorola. 

Burns announced his resignation from Rooster Teeth on June 11, 2020 and has been living a private life since.

Burnie Burns Relationship Status

Burnie Burns is married to Ashley Jenkins. They tied the knot in 2019. 

Ashley is an American on-camera host and is a founding member of Ubisoft’s all-female professional gaming group called Frag Dolls. She also founded Rooster Teeth’s news division,

He has an ex-wife named Jordan Burns.

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