13 Celebs Who Were Bullied in School

The road to success is not always smooth; these 13 celebrities know it firsthand. Despite being bullied in school, they became successful and self-confident individuals. From Lady Gaga to Zendaya, these stars overcame their peers’ hurtful words and actions, proving that it definitely gets better.

Lady Gaga was teased for her appearance and love for theater, while Rihanna was bullied for her skin color. Justin Timberlake was called “weird” and “different,” and Robert Pattinson was physically bullied for his passion for acting. Jennifer Lawrence was even excluded from a classmate’s birthday party.

However, these experiences strengthened them and prepared them for the entertainment industry. In this article, we’ll explore how these celebrities overcame their bullies and achieved their dreams.

Key Takeaways

  • These 13 celebrities were bullied in school but became successful and self-confident individuals.
  • Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Robert Pattinson, Jennifer Lawrence, Mila Kunis, Andrew Garfield, Shailene Woodley, Shay Mitchell, Demi Lovato, Ashley Benson, Taylor Swift, and Zendaya all endured bullying but used these experiences to prepare for the entertainment industry.
  • Despite their peers’ hurtful words and actions, these celebrities persevered and proved that it definitely gets better.

Lady Gaga’s Bullying Experience

lady gaga

Lady Gaga may be a superstar now, but she certainly didn’t have an easy time in school.

In fact, she was bullied for various reasons, including her appearance, her laugh, and her love of theater. In a Rolling Stone interview, Gaga shared some of the hurtful things she was called, such as “ugly,” “annoying,” and “weird.”

The bullying was so bad that Gaga didn’t want to attend school. But she persevered and is now known as an inspiration and icon. She’s a headliner, and people are grateful she didn’t let the bullies get the best of her.

Gaga’s experience shows that bullying can be brutal to deal with, but overcoming it and living a successful, self-confident life is possible. Being different and yourself is a good thing and a key to success. Gaga is proof that it gets better.

Rihanna’s School Life


Rihanna’s school life was not all glitz and glamour like her life now. In her native Barbados, her classmates tormented her for her skin color.

She told Lemur Magazine, “What they were picking on, I don’t even understand. It was my skin color. Then, when I got older, it was about my breast.” Despite the mean comments, RiRi insists being bullied at a young age toughened her up for showbiz.

She explained, “I’m not victimized; I’m grateful. I think those experiences were strategically put together by God for the preparation of being in the music industry. Now that’s living with the glass half-full kind of mind.”

Rihanna’s positive attitude towards her past experiences of bullying is admirable. The bullying did not break her. Instead, it made her stronger. Her ability to turn a negative experience into a positive one is inspiring and a testament to her resilience.

It is essential to note that being bullied is a severe issue that affects many students. However, the fact that celebrities like Rihanna have overcome bullying and achieved great success proves that it gets better.

Rihanna’s story reminds us that we should not let the negative opinions of others define us and that we have the power to rise above our circumstances.

Justin Timberlake’s Early Struggles

justin timberlake

Justin Timberlake, one of the most successful boy band members turned solo artist in history, had a tough time growing up.

He experienced bullying in school and said that no one ever called him anything close to an innovator. Instead, they called him different, weird, and other words he couldn’t say on TV.

Luckily for Justin, he had one person he could count on to help him through all that: his mom. After receiving the Innovator Award at the iHeartRadio awards in 2015, Justin thanked his mom, saying, “Thankfully, my mother taught me that being different was a good thing, but being different meant you could actually make a difference. So tonight, I want to thank my mom.”

Although Justin’s experiences with bullying were difficult, they helped shape him into the successful artist he is today. He used his differences to his advantage and created a unique sound that fans love.

Again, this is a reminder that being different is not bad and can lead to great success.

Robert Pattinson’s Acting Passion

robert pattinson

Robert Pattinson, known for his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga, had a passion for acting that started at a young age. Unfortunately, his passion for acting made him a target for physical bullying during his school years.

He recalled being beaten up by many people when he was younger, largely because of his behavior and how he thought an actor was supposed to be.

But regardless, Pattinson persevered and pursued his passion for acting. He has since become a successful actor, starring in numerous films and earning critical acclaim for his performances. He credits his success to his love for acting and his determination to pursue his dreams.

Pattinson’s dedication to his craft has not gone unnoticed. He has been praised for his ability to bring depth and nuance to his roles, and his commitment to his characters is evident in his performances.

His passion for acting has also inspired others to pursue their dreams, even in the face of adversity.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Bully Encounter

jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence, one of the coolest, funniest, and most down-to-earth celebs out there, had a real-life Regina George bully her in a brutal way.

She shared with The Sun an incident where a girl gave her invitations to hand out to her birthday party, but Jennifer wasn’t invited. Her response to the mean gesture was classic Jennifer Lawrence. She said, “I just hocked a loogie on them and threw them in the trash can.”

It’s hard to imagine anyone not wanting to be friends with Jennifer Lawrence, but it shows that even the most likable people can be the target of bullying. Despite the hurtful experience, Jennifer has risen above it and become one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood.

Jennifer’s experience is a reminder that bullying can happen to anyone, but it doesn’t define who you are or determine your future. It’s essential to stand up for yourself and not let the bullies win.

Her ability to laugh off the incident and move on with her life is a testament to her strength and resilience.

Mila Kunis’s Childhood

mila kunis

Mila Kunis, one of the most stunning actresses in Hollywood, had a tough time growing up due to her physical appearance.

She had big eyes, lips, and ears, making her the target of constant teasing and bullying. She recalls coming home crying, feeling awful about her looks. But her parent’s constant reminder that being picked on wasn’t necessarily bad made her stronger in the long run.

Mila persevered and grew up to be a confident and successful woman. She learned that being different was okay and that it was necessary to embrace one’s uniqueness. Today, Mila is an inspiration to many young people who are struggling with their self-image.

Mila’s experience with bullying has made her an advocate for anti-bullying campaigns. She believes speaking out against bullying and supporting those going through it is crucial.

Andrew Garfield’s School Days

andrew garfield

Andrew Garfield, Hollywood’s go-to “IT” guy, may have achieved great success as an actor, but he, too, went through the torment of being bullied during his school days.

Garfield revealed to the Daily Mail that schools can be tough, and he thinks everyone has been bullied at some point. He added that kids can be incredibly cruel, and he would come home feeling horrible on certain days.

Garfield’s bullying experiences did not deter him from achieving his dreams. He pursued his passion for acting despite being beaten up by many people when he was younger.

Garfield revealed that he used to behave like an actor, or how he thought an actor was supposed to be, and that apparently provoked a lot of people into hitting him.

But he has since gone on to achieve great success as an actor. He has been nominated for an Oscar and is known for his relationship with Emma Stone, his girlfriend of three years.

Shailene Woodley’s Body Image Issues

shailene woodley

Shailene Woodley, the acting powerhouse and free spirit, opened up about her days of being bullied for her figure. She revealed that during her freshman year, upperclassmen called her “anorexic,” which made her go home and cry, wishing really hard for the curves to appear.

Shailene believes that saying “you’re so skinny” to a girl who’s born with that body can be just as hurtful as calling someone fat. Both comments reduce people to what they look like, and that’s just not fair.

She added some wise words for dealing with bullying, saying that all it takes is to find that strength within yourself to be the one to say something and tell someone about it.

Shailene’s experience with body image issues reminds us never to judge someone based on their appearance. We’re all different, which makes us unique and beautiful in our way.

Shay Mitchell’s Racist Remarks

shay mitchell

Shay Mitchell, known for her role in Pretty Little Liars, had a tough time in school due to racist remarks about her skin color.

School bullies would ask her questions like “Are you the daughter of mine?” which left her feeling hurt and confused. Despite this, Shay decided to take the high road and kill them with kindness. She would smile at them and not let their hurtful comments affect her.

Shay’s strategy proved successful as she didn’t let the bullies get to her. She is now a successful actress and model, proving that being different is essential. Her advice to anyone being bullied is to find strength within themselves and to talk to someone about it.

Shay’s experience of being bullied for her skin color highlights the importance of respecting and accepting differences. We should celebrate diversity and not let others’ hurtful comments bring us down.

Demi Lovato’s Middle School Nightmare

demi lovato

Demi Lovato’s middle school experience was nothing short of a nightmare.

She revealed to People magazine that she was constantly bullied, and people even made hate petitions about her. They would send them around and get them signed; they even had CD-bashing parties of her demos. The bullying got so bad that she had to seek treatment in 2010.

Despite all of this, Demi Lovato has become one of the most inspirational and real celebrities in the game. She has been open about her struggles with mental health and addiction and has used her platform to raise awareness and help others.

Demi Lovato’s advice to anyone who is being bullied is to reach out for help and support.

She has said it’s important to talk to someone you trust, whether a friend, family member, or teacher. It’s also important to remember that you are not alone and that there are people who care about you and want to help.

Ashley Benson’s Early Career

ashley benson

Moving on with the list, Ashley Benson was one of the unfortunate ones who experienced bullying during her early years in school.

Her passion for acting and modeling made her a target for ridicule among her classmates. However, rather than letting the bullies get to her, Ashley used the experience to strengthen herself.

At nine, Ashley started her career in the entertainment industry with a role in the soap opera “Days of Our Lives.”

She then went on to appear in various TV shows and movies, including “Pretty Little Liars,” “Eastwick,” and “13 Going on 30.” Her talent and hard work eventually paid off, leading her to become a successful actress and model.

Despite the challenges she faced in her early career, Ashley remained focused and determined to pursue her dreams. She credits her success to her small group of good friends and her ability to stand up to those who hurt her.

Her story serves as an inspiration to many who have faced similar struggles in their lives.

Taylor Swift’s Junior High Days

taylor swift

During her junior high days, Taylor Swift faced bullying from her classmates. According to the singer, her classmates suddenly stopped being friends with her because they didn’t think she was cool or pretty enough.

They even made fun of her for liking country music, which was considered weird by her peers.

Taylor didn’t let the bullying get to her despite the hurtful comments. She continued to pursue her dreams of becoming a musician and eventually proved her bullies wrong.

In fact, those same girls who stopped being friends with her showed up at one of her shows a year later, wearing her t-shirts and asking for autographs.

Taylor’s experience with bullying serves as a reminder that it’s essential to stay true to yourself and not let others dictate who you are or what you like. She has since become a role model for many young girls and continues to inspire others with her music and positive message.

Zendaya’s Self Confidence


Zendaya is a prime example of someone who has overcome bullying and has emerged as a successful and self-confident celebrity. She has been open about her experiences with bullying and has used her platform to spread awareness and positivity.

Growing up, Zendaya was often teased for her height and slender frame. However, she didn’t let the negativity bring her down. Instead, she embraced her unique qualities and used them to her advantage.

She has become a fashion icon and has even launched her clothing line, Daya by Zendaya.

In addition to her fashion endeavors, Zendaya has also used her voice to speak out against bullying. She has encouraged her fans to embrace their differences and to love themselves for who they are. She has also been a vocal advocate for body positivity, calling out magazines for photoshopping her images.

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