What Happened to Fidlar – The Punk and Rock Band

Fidlar is an American punk and garage rock band hailing from Los Angeles, California. The band’s name is an acronym for Fuck It Dog, Life’s a Risk. 

Fidlar Net Worth

The net worth of Fidlar is estimated to be around $2 million USD. The band has been performing since 2009 and has been pegged as a party band, the kind that just makes you want to live in the moment. That’s what we all need sometimes, right?

The founding members are Zac Carper and Elvis Kuehn who met while working at a recording studio. The two began recording songs when the studio was empty. They then posted the songs they recorded online. 

The band’s net worth came from their album sales, concert tours, and many guestings and appearances.

FIDLAR has a Youtube channel with over 100,000 subscribers.

Personal Life

The members of FIDLAR Elvis Kuehn (guitar/vocals) and Max Kuehn (drums) are the sons of Greg Kuehn who is the keyboardist for Long Beach punk legends, T.S.O.L. The Kuehns were born and raised in Los Angeles. Zac Carper (vocals/guitar) was born in Hawaii and is the son of the popular surfboard designer John Carper. The band’s bassist is Brandon Schwartzel who is originally from San Diego, California. He was Zac’s friend before he joined the band.

 Zac struggled with drug addiction and went to rehab because of it. This inspired him to write the song “No Waves.” He also struggled with homelessness for quite some time.

The four have been performing together in the band since 2009. Along with FIDLAR, they also have their own side projects. Zac has produced albums and helped compose songs for bands like Dune Rats,  Sweet Thing, SWMRS,The Frights, Dirty Sweet, The Goldberg Sisters, and Tokyo Police Club. Brandon also performs as a DJ at Monty’s Bar using the name “DJ Basil.”  He and Max are in a band with members of Together Pangea called Los Bolos. Max has released many of his compositions online. He and his brother Elvis are part of other groups before and during their time at Fidlar.

Professional Career

The founding members of  Fuck It Dog, Life’s a Risk (FIDLAR) are Zac Carper and Elvis Kuehn who met while working at a recording studio. Back then, Carper was working as an engineer while Kuehn was an intern.

The band began in 2009. Zac is the lead vocals and also on guitar, Brandon is on back up vocals and on bass, Max is on drums, and Elvis is on keyboards and on back up vocals. 

The band have released three studio albums: FIDLAR (2013), Too (2015) and Almost Free (2019). Their songs were known as boisterous, loud, fast, and mostly concerning drugs and partying.

What Happened to Fidlar

At the time of the pandemic, the band had not been so active, especially on their social media accounts, which left their fans worried and wondering.

This may be because their contracts are up. Their management agency, BFrankmanagement, doesn’t follow them anymore on their Instagram. The fans felt that FIDLAR has been the one solely handling their social media pages. 

Luckily for their fans, the band has produced a new song recently called Sand on the Beach.

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