What Happened to Chad Boyce – His Unfortunate Passing

Chad Boyce is an American cameraman who worked on the set of the series “The 100.”

Chad Boyce Net Worth

Chad Boyce’s net worth is around 300,00. He was an assistant cameraman in the series called “The 100.” The show is an American post-apocalyptic science fiction drama television series that premiered on March 19, 2014 on The CW channel.

His other work includes the Canadian dark comedy film “Punch” which was released in 2002. He was a trainee in the camera and electrical department at that time.

Chad Boyce worked at the International Cinematographer Guild 669 who represents talented camera persons, journalists, photographers, videographers, et cetera.

Personal Life

Chad Phillip Boyce was from The Great North, Canada. He was originally from Vancouver. His father’s name was Larry Boyce, and his mother died when he was young. He was born on September 23 of 1978.

He was a pet lover and a huge traveler. He had been to many countries. He also had been to Osana, Spain and visited the Roman temple. He had visited Kahuna in Hawaii.  A few months prior to his death, he even traveled to Asia.

According to the people closest to him, he was very passionate and was very down-to-earth.

The fans of the series were informed of his death and the producers of the series dedicated the finale episode of Season 4 to him. The cause of his death was rumored to be drug overdose but this is not confirmed. He passed away on April 17, 2018. Sadly, another crew member (Clay Virtue) of “The 100” died, and the producers dedicated the finale of Season 5 of the series to him. He was only 40 years old when he died.

The memorial of Chad Boyce was held on May 26 of 2018 in Polish Hall Fraser Street in his hometown, Vancouver in Canada. The memorial event titled Chad Boyce “Celebration Of Life.”

Professional Career

The other work of Chad Boyce includes the movie “Punch” in which he worked as a trainee in the camera and electrical department. It is a Canadian dark comedy film, directed by Guy Bennett.

Chad Boyce worked at the International Cinematographer Guild 669 before his death as the second assistant cameraman in the television show titled “The 100.” International Cinematographer Guild 669  or ICG 69 is a British Columbia company based in Canada. It was established in 1990 and now has 145 members. The company represents over 1,000 camera operators, digital imaging technicians, video assists, UAV Drone aerial camera persons, stills photographers and publicists across Western Canada. ICG 669 is also known for its work on series such as Riverdale, Wynonna Earp, Underwater podcast, and many more.

Chad Boyce Relationship Status

There were no details about Chad Boyce’s relationship status. It was not known if he was married, single, or in a relationship at the time of this death.

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