What Happened to Airsplat? – Know More About The Lawsuit

Airsplat is the United States largest airsoft gun retailer. The corporation is based in the state of California.

Company Information and History

First, let’s know more about airsoft guns. Airsoft guns are used for sport and fire tiny, non-metallic pellets which are usually made from plastic. They are powered through compressed gas or air containers. They are commonly used for leisure and sport and viewed as relatively safe but they may cause injuries so they are regulated by state and federal laws.

Moving on to the company, Airsplat is based in the city of St. Arcadia, Southern California, United States. They boast being America’s biggest airsoft retailer which include a full line of airsoft Guns, airsoft accessories, tactical apparel, and airsoft upgrades.

They have a 20,000 square feet warehouse where they house all these products which can be shipped all over the world. 

Airsplat is also environmentally friendly. Their warehouse, procedures, and policy have been adjusted for them to be considered a green company. They are strict on recycling their trash at their facility and warehouse. In addition, the company only uses environmentally friendly products for packaging and shipping. Their packages are cushioned with thick crumpled craft paper that has been 100% recycled.

On their Facebook account, they have more than 400K followers.

What happened to Airsplat?

Airsplat was sued by GLOCK in February 2014. GLOCK filed a multi-count complaint for trademark infringement, trade dress infringement, and related claims under federal and state law. GLOCK is founded by Gaston Glock. It is a weapons manufacturer headquartered in Deutsch-Wagram, Austria.

It was reported that Airsplat imported Glock replicas and then put them up for sale. They sold GLOCK’s trade dress and trademarks in violation of the Federal Lanham Act. The Court concluded that Airsplat “intended to, and did, create actual market confusion in the minds of the consumers as to whether they were genuine or licensed GLOCK products, in violation of Glock’s registered trade dress and legally protected rights.”

GLOCK was awarded monetary damages amounting to $2,253,078.28, which includes the Airsplat’s profits from selling GLOCK’s replicas, pre-judgment interest, attorneys’ fees, other cost and expenses.

The court also prohibited Airsplat and other airsoft companies from doing the act again in the future. It was a good reminder for everybody that infringers will be rightfully prosecuted. 

In 2020, the conclusion of the trial was a huge victory for GLOCK, even though it lasted for six long years. 

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