Tom Buchanan Net Worth – “The Great Gatsby” Antagonist

Tom Buchanan is a fictional character in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby.” 

Tom Buchanan Net Worth

The net worth of Tom Buchanan is about $1 billion. He comes from an astronomically wealthy family who holds high social status. 

He has a lot of business and owns a lot of real estate properties. In the movie adaptation, it is frequently seen that he holds big parties, attended by people who are as rich as him or with the same social prestige.

He resides in East Egg, New York, United States, with his wife, Daisy. His mansion is not only expensive but a classic representation of his status as a member of the ‘old money’ community.

Personal Life

Tom Buchanan comes from “old money.” He is born with a silver spoon, or even a gold spoon if you may. His family is very wealthy and ranks highly in terms of social status. 

He was born in Chicago in the United States. During his college years, he left home and moved east. Buchanan then attended Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. At Yale, he played hockey and was considered a star. 

While studying there, he met Nick Carraway at the university’s social club. Nick is the cousin of Daisy Fay and he was the one who introduced them to each other. Like Tom, Nick and Daisy also come from a family with a vast fortune. Daisy is from Louisville, Kentucky.

Nick Carraway described Tom as “one of those men who reach such an acute limited excellence at twenty-one that everything afterward savors of anti-climax.”

He is also described as an  imposing man of muscular build with a “husky tenor” voice and an arrogant demeanor. He gets his arrogance because of his social background and immense net worth. He is also a racist as he supports the ideas put forward in a book called The Rise of the Coloured Empires, describing it as scientific stuff. He also likes Polo.

Tom and Daisy have one daughter named Pamela “Pammy” Buchanan.

He and his family live in East Egg, New York, United States, which is a very rich neighborhood.

Professional Career

Nick Carraway describes the extent of Tom Buchanan’s wealth as breathtaking. His fortune has been entirely inherited and he doesn’t work for a living and never has.

Tom Buchanan Dating History

Tom Buchanan is married to Daisy Fay Buchanan. The two are ultra wealthy and live in an affluent neighborhood where big mansions and lavish parties are seen.

Tom Buchanan, however, is not loyal to his wife, Daisy. In the book and in the movie, he is described to be engaging in a number of affairs. One of his mistress is Myrtle Wilson, who is the wife of a businessman named George Wilson.

As for his wife, Daisy, she is described to be materialistic. She chose not to leave her husband despite her knowledge of his affairs, as he can give her financial security and high social status. She remains stuck in their loveless marriage.

Tom is very possessive of Daisy and can be violent at times.

Tom and Daisy have one daughter named Pammy Buchanan.

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