Taner Halicioglu Net Worth – Know More About the Software Engineer

Taner Halicioglu is a software engineer. He is the founder of the Halicioglu Data Science Institute (HDSI) at UC San Diego.

Taner Halicioglu Net Worth

Taner Halicioglu’s net worth is estimated to be about $15 million. He is the first real employee of Facebook outside its real founders. There is no doubt that he made a massive fortune being a computer genius.

He is a lecturer at UC San Diego’s Computer Science and Engineering department. He is also a member of the Chancellor’s Executive Advisory Cabinet for the Campaign for UC San Diego, and serves on the CSE Alumni Advisory Board. Taner is indeed a notable alumni and was awarded the Chancellor’s Medal in 2019.

He is a co-founder of Seed San Diego which is a venture capital company that invests into tech start-ups. It is located at Solana Beach, California.

Personal Life

Taner Halicioglu’s personal information is not available online. There are no details about his parents, siblings, and more.

Taner received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from UC San Diego in 1996. He also went to Palo Alto High School from 1989 to 1992.

He recently donated $75 million to UC San Diego to create its Halicioglu Data Science Institute. According to UCSD, the institute “aims to nurture the evolving field through education, research, and industry applications.”

Professional Career

After graduating from UC San Diego, he got a job as a software engineer at GlobalCenter. It was a startup doing high-end web hosting  where he developed tools to monitor network traffic. His task was mainly network engineering and was at the company for 3 years until October 1999.

Following that, he got to work at Opsware in California as a senior software engineer. He was in charge of general system administration and he also created a tool to manage DNS.

From January 2002 to October 2004, he worked at eBay as a Senior Tools Engineer.

After that, he had his stint with Facebook from 2004 to 2009. Taner Halicioglu was Facebook’s Senior Software/Operations Engineer.

In 2009, he became the Lead Reliability Engineer at Blizzard Entertainment where he was involved with back-end systems during development and deployment for Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, and Diablo 3.

Taner was also a very active member of the UC San Diego community. He is a member of the Chancellor’s Executive Advisory Cabinet for the Campaign and serves on the CSE Alumni Advisory Board, the JSOE Dean’s Council of Advisors, and the Executive Board of the Basement. Furthermore, he was a member of the UC San Diego Alumni Association Board of Directors and currently works as a lecturer in the Computer Science and Engineering Department in the Jacobs School of Engineering (JSOE).

Taner Halicioglu Dating History

Taner Halicioglu’s relationship history is private.

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