Modern Family’s Jay Pritchett – Net Worth and Bio

Jay Pritchett is a character in the well-received television series “Modern Family.” He is the patriarch of their family. He was born on May 24, 1947. 

Jay Pritchett Net Worth

Jay Pritchett has a net worth of around $30 million to $50 million dollars.

He is the CEO of Pritchett’s closets and blinds. It is reported that he earns several million a year. This allows him to provide a luxurious lifestyle for his family.

His house in California costs more than $8 million. Their home has over 6,000 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and a pool.

Pritchett also often brings his whole family on vacation in the United States and other countries. Throughout the series, the family has vacationed in Hawaii, Las Vegas, New York, and France.

His family also owns several cars. In addition, he belongs to an exclusive country club where he usually plays golf.

Personal Life

Jason “Jay” Francis Pritchett was born on May 24, 1947, in Youngstown, Ohio. Although his parents’ names were not mentioned in the series, his siblings were mentioned – Donnie and Becky Pritchett. 

When he was 10 years old and Donnie was 8, a bully named Joey Calieri took Donnie’s bike. As revenge, Jay put Joey’s head in the ice. It was mentioned in the series that when he was 12, Jay snuck inside a movie theater with his best friend named Jim. They watched “Solomon and Sheeba” in the theater and promised that someday he would marry Gina Lollobrigida.

He lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis and during that time, he slept with a butter knife under his pillow. Before he was 18, he enlisted in the army using a fake ID but was unsuccessful.

Jay Pritchett would eventually serve in the Vietnam War after his navy training in Pensacola when he was 18. In Pensacola, he would then meet the 31-year old Charlotte, with who he had his first sexual encounter.

Jay had two children – Claire and Mitchell – from his first marriage with Dede Williams. They got divorced after 35 years when they grew apart. He then had his second marriage with Gloria Delgado, a younger Colombian woman. Gloria has a son, Manny, from her previous marriage. Jay and Gloria then had a child of their own named Fulgencio Joseph “Joe” Pritchett. 

Professional Career

During the 1980s, Jay was the co-owner of the closet company “Closet Fornia” with Earl Chambers. Their business was thriving and was doing really great until Earl left and took all their clients with him. This was the reason the two were mortal enemies throughout the series.

He then established his own company “Pritchett’s Closets and Blinds.” He achieved much success with his company so he definitely earns very well. He was the CEO of the company, until he handed it down to her daughter, Claire, in the show’s seventh season.

Jay Pritchett Dating History

Jay Pritchett’s first marriage was with Dede William. They divorced after being together for 35 years.

He then married Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in the show’s first season. Jay considers her the love of his life.

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