Michael Prince Net Worth – The New Face of “Billions”

Michael Prince is a fictional character in “Billions.” He is the new face of the television show’s sixth season and is played by the American actor, Corey Stroll.

Michael Prince Net Worth

The net worth of Michael Prince is estimated to be around $10 billion to $15 billion. He now owns Axe Capital, and his income is likely about $1,000,000,000.00 per year, not including his other dividends and capital gains. This adds out to a total of $1.5 billion a year.

He dominated the New York financial market. His fortune came when he sold part of his company’s shares to Microsoft. He is an advocate for saving the environment and preaches against inequality. He also wants to give back to society using his vast wealth. Even though this is the case, he still is cunning, especially when it comes to money and business.

He is also very diligent even though he owns his own company. He works to get long-term results and brings in as many clients as possible. He is an impact investor who operates in the world of private equity and venture capital.  

Personal Life

There is not much information about Michael Prince’s personal life including his parents or if he has any siblings.

He grew up as a small town Indiana farm boy and wants to give back to society. Prince attended New Castle High School where he was named Indiana Mr. Basketball during his senior year. As a star athlete, he is considered a hero in his hometown.

Mike is fluent in Danish. He also has a pilot license, and loves sports and gambling. He hosts “The Mike” and was chosen to become ambassador to Denmark. 

Mike Prince is a self made billionaire and in the series, is described as “a business titan from a small town in Indiana.” Mike Prince made his first billion by selling his and his friend’s company shares to Microsoft.

He has two daughters Gail Prince and Elizabeth “Liz” Prince. His ex-wife is named Andy.

Professional Career

Michael Prince is an impact investor who mainly operates in the world of finance, private equity, and venture capital. 

He bought Axe Capital from Bobby Axelrod (Billions’ protagonist). The company is now known as Michael Prince Capital. 

It has been established in the series that Mike has an idealistic approach to business while also examining if it’s at all possible for him to succeed  within the confines of capitalism while remaining true to his approach. In addition to this, he is much more focused on business model than on technical-equity.

He is also an environmentalist and tries to advocate for the planet as much as he can. He also gives back to society and the needy.

In the series it is shown that Michael Prince wants to bring subway technology to New York. He also bid for the 2028 Olympics to be hosted in Los Angeles, California but lost.

Michael Prince Relationship Status.

Michael “Mike” Prince is divorced. His ex-wife is named Andy and they have two daughters Gail Prince and Elizabeth “Liz” Prince.

His ex-wife is portrayed by the actress Piper Perabo.

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