Kyle Dennis Net Worth – The Middle-Class Millionaire

Kyle Dennis is an American trader and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Biotech Breakouts.

Kyle Dennis Net Worth

The net worth of Kyle Dennis is about $10 million. Most of his fortune is from his career as a day trader. He also owns Biotech Breakouts which is an education and training platform for individuals who want to gain more knowledge about trading and the stock market.

He is also a trader and trading coach at The programs he offers include Fast 5 Trades, Dollar Ace, Sniper Report, and Trade With Kyle. 

In 2018, Dennis published his book “Middle-Class Millionaire: From $80k in Debt to $3m in Profits Through Catalyst Trading.”

You can check his Youtube channel here.

Personal Life

Kyle Dennis was born in 1991. He was born and raised in California, United States, in a middle-class family. Aside from the mentioned details, his other personal information is not available. 

He got his Bachelor’s degree in Biology at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He had a lot of student loan debt amounting to $80,000.

Kyle Dennis’s height is 5 feet 7 inches and weighs around 63 kilograms. He has a lean body build and has a good sense of fashion. He enjoys trying new cuisine and traveling to various destinations.

He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Professional Career

After graduation, Kyle worked as a Real Estate Analyst and was earning only $35,000 per year. He was getting tired of the endless routine at work, so he decided to try new things. This is where he discovered stock trading and was determined to learn more about it.

He left his real estate job and became a full-time trader in 2012. He became close with a well-known options trader, Jason Bond, who is also the co-founder of Jason taught Kyle everything he needed to know about trading. He then began to excel. 

Dennis became the first student from Jason Bond’s Millionaire Roadmap training program to profit $1 million from trading. After this, he continued to be more and more successful as he continued trading. He then became an educator at

He later decided to open his own program to help people learn how to trade. He founded Biotech Breakouts for this sole purpose. Kyle’s specialty areas include biotechnology, finance, and technical charting. Even with Biotech Breakouts, Kyle still works as a professional trader through Raging Bull Trading.

In 2018, Kyle Dennis published his book, called “Middle-Class Millionaire: From $80k in Debt to $3m in Profits Through Catalyst Trading.” This contains his trading journey along with some anecdotes that will surely get your interest. The book also contains his advice to other traders. Other programs that he offers through Raging Bull Trading and Biotech Breakouts are Fast 5 Trades, Dollar Ace, Sniper Report, and Trade With Kyle. 

He has many packages or courses for people who want to improve their trading skills, that he sells at various prices.

Kyle Dennis Dating History

Kyle Dennis is currently in a relationship. You can see pictures of him and his girlfriend on his Instagram account.

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