Julian Lennon Net Worth – The Fortune of John Lennon’s Son

Julian Lennon is an English singer, composer, photographer, producer, and philanthropist. He is the son of Beatles member John Lennon.

Julian Lennon Net Worth

Julian Lennon’s net worth is estimated to be $50 million. He started his music career when he was 11 years old. He performed on his father’s album called “Walls and Bridges.” He released his debut album, “Valotte” in 1984. He earned a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist.

Aside from being a singer, he also appeared in many documentaries. Julian also worked as a voice actor and has produced a number of documentary films.

He has a property located in Santa Monica, California. The mountaintop estate is 2,400 square feet, but was renovated and expanded to 4,000 square feet.

In terms of his inheritance, John Lennon reportedly favored his second family more than Julian and his mom. Julian only got around $50,000. However, it was later revealed that John Lennon established a 100 million pound trust for Julian and his half-brother to share. In addition, he obtained a stake in the rights to his father’s music. 

Personal Life

Julian Lennon was born on April 8, 1963 at Sefton General Hospital in Liverpool. His parents are  John Lennon and his first wife, Cynthia Powell. He was named after his paternal grandmother, Julia Lennon, who died five years before his birth. 

He studied at Ruthin School, a boarding independent school in Denbighshire, North Wales.

When Julian was five, his parents divorced following due to his father’s infidelity with Yoko Ono, a Japanese artist. The two got married on March 20, 1969. Julian would then have a younger half-brother named Sean.

After his parents split, Julian rarely talked to his father until the early 1970s when his father was in a relationship with May Pang, before getting back together with Yoko Ono. During this time, John Lennon bought Julian a Gibson Les Paul guitar and a drum machine and encouraged him to pursue music.

Paul McCartney, his father’s bandmate, wrote “Hey Jude” to console him over his parents’ divorce. The song was originally called “Hey Jules,” but McCartney changed it because Jude was easier to pronounce.

Professional Career

Julian Lennon made his debut at age 11 on his father’s album “Walls and Bridges” when he played drums on “Ya-Ya.” He did not know that his father would include this in the album. 

His first album, “Valotte,” was released in 1984. Two songs from the album was included in the Top Ten – the title track and “Too Late for Goodbyes.” He got a Grammy Award nomination for Best New Artist the following year. After that album, he did six more which are The Secret Value of Daydreaming, Mr. Jordan, Help Yourself, Photograph Smile, Everything Changes, and Jude.

For a good amount of time in the 1990s, Julian left the music industry to focus on helping The Mirning Tribe in Adelaide, Australia. 

Lennon appeared in several musical documentaries including Stand By Me: A Portrait Of Julian Lennon.

Apart from appearing in documentaries, he is also a voice actor. He provided the voice for the title role in the animated film David Copperfield. He also voiced the protagonist Toby the Teapot in “The Real Story of I’m a Little Teapot.”

He is also a photographer with many exhibits held in different galleries.

Julian Lennon Relationship Status

Julian Lennon has never married or has any children.

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