Josh Kesselman Net Worth: How Much Is the Founder of RAW Rolling Papers Worth?

Josh Kesselman is an American entrepreneur who is best known as the founder of RAW, an American brand of rolling papers. With a passion for smoking and a desire to create a high-quality product, Kesselman started his business with just $500 in 1993 and has since grown it into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

As of today, Josh Kesselman’s net worth is estimated to be $45 million, according to Famous People Today. This impressive figure is a testament to Kesselman’s entrepreneurial spirit and his ability to turn a small investment into a thriving business. Despite facing numerous challenges along the way, Kesselman has remained committed to his vision of providing smokers with a superior product that is both vegan and environmentally friendly.

Kesselman’s success has not gone unnoticed, and he has been featured in numerous publications, including Forbes and Inc. His story is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs who dream of starting their own business and achieving financial success.

Early Life and Background

Josh Kesselman was born in 1972 in the United States. Not much is known about his family background, except that his father was a smoker and used to perform magic tricks during the holidays, involving lighting a rolling paper on fire and throwing it into the air.

Kesselman grew up in New York City and later moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where he currently resides. He attended a local college in Florida, where he graduated and later applied for various jobs.

Kesselman’s entrepreneurial journey began in 1993 when he started a smoke shop named Knuckleheads in Gainesville, Florida, with only $500. At the shop, he imported specialty rolling papers from Europe and sold smoking paraphernalia. This venture laid the foundation for his future business success.

Kesselman’s passion for smoking accessories and rolling papers led him to create his own brand, RAW, in 2005. He aimed to provide smokers with a healthier and more natural alternative to traditional rolling papers, free from harmful chemicals and additives. Today, RAW is a leading brand in the smoking industry, with a wide range of products available worldwide.

Despite his success, Kesselman remains a private individual, and not much is known about his personal life.

Career Beginnings

Josh Kesselman’s career began in the early 1990s when he started working at a smoke shop called Knuckleheads in Florida. He quickly became interested in the rolling paper industry and began experimenting with different materials to create a better product.

In 1993, Kesselman sold everything he owned and moved to Spain to learn more about the rolling paper industry. He spent several months there, learning about the manufacturing process and testing different materials.

After returning to the United States, Kesselman founded his own company, RAW, in 2005. RAW specializes in manufacturing vegan rolling papers made from unbleached hemp. The company has since expanded to include a variety of smoking accessories, including filters, cones, and trays.

Kesselman’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to creating high-quality products have made him a prominent figure in the cannabis industry. RAW is now one of the most recognized brands in the industry, and Kesselman has been recognized for his contributions to the industry with several awards and honors.

Establishment of Raw

Josh Kesselman established Raw in 2005 as a company that produces high-quality rolling papers. Raw’s rolling papers are made using natural, unbleached fibers, and are free of chemicals and other harmful additives. The company’s goal is to provide smokers with a healthier and more natural way to smoke.

Raw’s rolling papers are produced in Alcoy, Spain, a town known for its long history of producing high-quality rolling papers. The company uses traditional hand-rolling machines to produce its papers, which gives them a unique texture and burn rate.

Raw’s commitment to producing high-quality, natural rolling papers has made it one of the most popular brands on the market. The company’s products are sold in over 50 countries around the world, and its revenue has grown steadily since its establishment.

Today, Raw is known for its innovative products, including pre-rolled cones, rolling trays, and other smoking accessories. The company’s commitment to quality and natural ingredients has helped it to establish a loyal customer base, and its revenue continues to grow each year.

Overall, Raw’s establishment has had a significant impact on the rolling paper industry, providing smokers with a healthier and more natural way to smoke.

Product Innovation

Josh Kesselman is known for his innovative approach to product development, particularly in the field of rolling papers. His company, RAW, is a leader in the industry, and has introduced a number of new products over the years.

One of the key innovations that Kesselman has brought to the market is RAW’s vegan rolling paper. These papers are made from natural, unbleached materials, and do not use any animal products in their production. This has made them a popular choice among consumers who are looking for a more environmentally friendly option.

In addition to their vegan rolling papers, RAW also offers a range of other products that are designed to appeal to health-conscious consumers. For example, they offer a line of organic rice papers, which are made from sustainably grown rice and are free from harmful chemicals.

Another area where Kesselman has focused his attention is on the development of unbleached rolling papers. These papers are made using a unique process that does not involve any chlorine or other harsh chemicals, which can be harmful to both the environment and the user.

Overall, Kesselman’s commitment to innovation and sustainability has helped to position RAW as a leader in the rolling paper industry. By offering a range of high-quality, environmentally friendly products, the company has earned a loyal following among consumers who are looking for a healthier, more sustainable option.

Expansion and Growth

Over the years, Josh Kesselman has led RAW to become a global brand with a significant presence in Europe, Canada, and the United States. The company has established offices and manufacturing facilities in several locations, including Florida, where the company’s headquarters are located.

RAW’s success can be attributed to Kesselman’s visionary leadership, which has seen the company grow from a small business to a multinational corporation with over 2000 employees. Under Kesselman’s guidance, RAW has expanded its product offerings to include a wide range of smoking accessories, such as rolling trays, filters, and cones.

In recent years, RAW has continued to experience significant growth, thanks to Kesselman’s commitment to innovation and quality. The company has invested heavily in research and development, resulting in the creation of new products that meet the evolving needs of its customers.

RAW’s expansion and growth have been driven by Kesselman’s unwavering commitment to excellence. He has built a company culture that values hard work, innovation, and customer satisfaction, which has earned RAW a reputation as one of the most respected brands in the industry.

Overall, Josh Kesselman’s leadership has been instrumental in RAW’s success, and the company’s continued growth is a testament to his vision and dedication to excellence.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Throughout his career, Josh Kesselman has formed several partnerships and collaborations with various entities, including celebrities and musicians. One of the most notable collaborations was with rapper Wiz Khalifa, who partnered with Kesselman’s RAW brand to create a line of smoking accessories. The collaboration was a success, and the Wiz Khalifa rolling papers became a popular product among fans of both the rapper and the brand.

In addition to the collaboration with Wiz Khalifa, RAW has also partnered with other musicians, such as Juicy Jay, to create unique rolling papers and smoking accessories. These partnerships have helped to expand the RAW brand’s reach and appeal to a wider audience.

Aside from partnerships with musicians, RAW has also collaborated with other companies to create co-branded products. For example, RAW partnered with Elements to create a line of hybrid rolling papers, combining the best features of both brands’ products.

Overall, Josh Kesselman’s partnerships and collaborations have been a key factor in the success of the RAW brand. By working with popular musicians and other companies, Kesselman has been able to expand the brand’s reach and appeal to a wider audience.

Net Worth and Revenue

Josh Kesselman is the founder and CEO of RAW, a vegan rolling paper manufacturing company. According to Net Worth Fever, as of 2022, Josh Kesselman’s net worth is estimated to be $45 million.

While the exact revenue of RAW is not publicly disclosed, according to Inc., the company has about 30 percent of the market in at least six legal cannabis states. RAW’s success can be attributed to its focus on high-quality, eco-friendly products that appeal to health-conscious consumers.

Kesselman’s initial investment of $500 into his smoke shop, Knuckleheads, in Gainesville, Florida, has grown into a multi-million dollar empire. RAW’s products are sold in over 50 countries and the company has a strong presence in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

While Kesselman’s monthly salary and yearly income are not publicly disclosed, it is clear that his success has led to significant wealth and financial stability. Kesselman’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to creating high-quality products have made him a respected figure in the cannabis industry.

Personal Lifestyle

Josh Kesselman is known for his vegan lifestyle and his love for animals. He is an advocate for animal rights and has been a vegan for many years. His company, RAW, is also known for its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness.

In addition to his vegan lifestyle, Kesselman is also known for his love of cars. He owns a customized vegan Ferrari, which he proudly shows off on his social media accounts.

Despite his success in business, Kesselman prefers to keep his personal life private. There is little information available about his family or personal relationships.

In terms of physical appearance, Kesselman’s height is not publicly known. However, his success in business and commitment to his values have made him a respected figure in the cannabis industry and beyond.


Josh Kesselman is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a philanthropist who believes in giving back to society. He has donated generously to various charitable causes over the years.

One of the ways in which Kesselman gives back is through the RAW Foundation, which he founded in 2015. The foundation’s mission is to support various environmental and social causes, such as reforestation, ocean conservation, and sustainable agriculture. RAW Foundation has partnered with several organizations to achieve its goals, including Trees for the Future, Oceanic Global, and the Permaculture Action Network.

In addition to the RAW Foundation, Kesselman has also donated to other charities and causes. He has supported organizations such as the American Cancer Society, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the Humane Society. Kesselman has also been involved in fundraising efforts for disaster relief, such as after Hurricane Irma in 2017.

Overall, Josh Kesselman’s philanthropic efforts demonstrate his commitment to making a positive impact on the world. His donations and partnerships with various organizations have helped to support important causes and make a difference in the lives of many people and the planet.

Impact of the Pandemic

Like most businesses, the pandemic had an impact on Josh Kesselman’s net worth. As the founder of RAW, a rolling paper brand, Kesselman’s business is closely tied to the cannabis and tobacco industries. With the pandemic causing shutdowns and restrictions on businesses, the industry faced a significant decline in sales.

However, despite the challenges, RAW managed to grow during the pandemic. Kesselman’s innovative approach to marketing and distribution helped RAW to reach new customers during a time when many other businesses were struggling. Additionally, the growing trend of at-home consumption during the pandemic also helped to boost RAW’s sales.

RAW’s success during the pandemic can be attributed to Kesselman’s ability to adapt to the changing market conditions. By focusing on e-commerce and direct-to-consumer sales, RAW was able to continue to grow despite the challenges of the pandemic.

Overall, while the pandemic had an impact on the cannabis and tobacco industries, Kesselman’s innovative approach to business helped RAW to continue to grow and succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Josh Kesselman’s net worth?

As of 2023, Josh Kesselman’s net worth is estimated to be around $48 million. He is the founder of Raw rolling papers and has built a $200 million empire through Raw and a suite of other brands. (source)

Who is Josh Kesselman’s spouse?

There is not much information regarding Josh Kesselman’s romantic life, and according to online reports, he is probably unmarried. (source)

Does Josh Kesselman own a Rolex?

There is no information available on whether Josh Kesselman owns a Rolex or not.

What is Josh Kesselman’s family background?

There is limited information available about Josh Kesselman’s family background.

What is Josh Kesselman’s birthday?

There is no information available about Josh Kesselman’s birthday.

Who created Element Papers?

Element papers were created by a company called the Element Skateboards, which was founded by Johnny Schillereff in 1992. It is not associated with Josh Kesselman or Raw rolling papers.

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