Jim Woodford Net Worth – The Pilot Who Came Back to Life

Jim Woodford is a Canadian author and a retired pilot. He was pronounced dead – claimed to see heaven – and came back to life.

Jim Woodford Net Worth

Jim Woodford’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 to $5 million US dollars. He is a successful airline pilot and a businessman. He has substantial wealth and can afford all the good things in life. He has also traveled to many places all over the world.

Woodford wrote the book “Heaven, an Unexpected Journey,” which details what happens when he experienced life after death for 11 hours and then came back to life.

Personal Life

Jim Woodford grew up in Newfoundland, Canada. He lost his father when he was only two years old, so he grew up in the home of his maternal grandparents. From a young age, he was very fascinated with aircrafts.

Based on his interviews and statements, Woodford was never a religious man. When it came to faith, he did not feel strongly about the matters concerning it. But then his life profoundly changed. As he lay in the hospital bed, clinically dead for more than 11 hours, he claimed that he was transported to the afterlife – to Heaven and even to hell. 

He gave detailed descriptions of what he experienced including meeting God and being hugged by angels. Being hugged by angels is  “like being hugged by 50 grandmothers at once.” When he talked to God he said that he did not want to leave but God said that it is not his time yet. Aside from this, Jim’s eyes were also opened to the horrors of hell and the seemingly eternal darkness.

After his out-of-body experience, he suddenly awoke in the hospital, much to the relief of his family. As he recovered, he did not tell anyone about what he experienced. Then one day, Woodford told his story to a pastor, who’s also a family friend. The pastor said, “Jim, I believe you.”

Professional Career

Jim Woodford was a very successful aircraft pilot who worked for a number of airlines. He is also a businessman.

 He became one of the youngest licensed pilots in Canada and began his flying career at only 19 years old. At first, he only flew small and light aircrafts, but he worked his way up  until he became a captain of a major airline.

After his life-changing experience, he decided to write a book about it to share his story to others. Woodford wrote the book “Heaven, an Unexpected Journey” with Doctor Thom Garnder who is a Bible teacher and pastor since 1986 and is now President of Restored Life Ministries, Inc.

Woodford aims to inspire others as he described heaven in detail. He also hopes that his story will bring people closer to God and will help them restore or strengthen their faith.

Jim Woodford  Relationship Status

Jim Woodford is married to his wife Lorraine. The couple resides in New Brunswick, Canada and they own several horses.

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