Grant Sanderson Net Worth – The Story of the Math Youtuber

Grant Sanderson is an American Youtuber. His channel focuses on teaching advanced mathematics from a visual perspective and on the process of discovery and inquiry-based learning which he refers to as “inventing math.”

Grant Sanderson Net Worth

Grant Sanderson’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. He created his Youtube channel called 3Blue1Brown or 3B1B on March 4, 2015, and uploaded his first video on March 5, 2015. He has 4.55 million subscribers and has more than 285 million total views. Some of the playlists on his channel are “Why Pi?,” ”Geometry,” “Physics,” “Neural Networks,” “Explainers,” “Neat proofs/perspectives,” “The block collision puzzle,”  and ”Essence of Calculus.” 

He is also a keynote speaker. In the summer of 2017,  Sanderson gave match lectures for over 20 students at Parkside Intermediate. In August 2019, he delivered a talk called Concrete before Abstract at ODSC India. In January 2020, he was invited by  the Stanford Speakers Bureau for a talk in “An Evening with Grant Sanderson.” At TEDxBerkeley on February 9, 2020, Grant gave a talk titled ”What Makes People Engage With Math.” In August 2021, he was one of many featured speakers at SIGGRAPH 2021.

On his website, 3B1B, one can find written versions of his lessons from Youtube, with more interactive elements to be more engaging. 

He has his own podcast where he guests other people and they usually talk about math. He also guests on podcasts like Numberphile and Lex Friedman Podcast.

Personal Life

There is not much available information about Grant Sanderson’s personal life such as his family and childhood.

For his education, he went to Stanford University and graduated in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Math. He worked for Khan Academy from 2015 to 2016 as part of their content fellowship program. He produced videos and articles about multivariable calculus. Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that aims to provide free education to everyone and level the playing field by working with under-resourced areas. Khan Academy has other featured channels like Khan Academy Kids, Khan Academy India, Khan Academy Teachers, and Khan Academy Brazil.

After his stint in Khan Academy, he shifted his full attention to 3B1B. 

3Blue1Brown began as Grant’s personal programming project in 2015. His logo and username are a reference to his right eye which is heterochromic – three-quarters blue and one-quarter brown. He said that it is his way of putting a genetic signature on his videos or content.

Professional Career

On March 3, 2015, Grant Sanderson created his Youtube channel. He stated that the topics on his videos fall on two main categories, first, the known topics like linear algebra, neural networks, calculus, Fourier transforms, quantum mechanics, etc. Second, the math problems which are usually unheard of and which seem quite challenging at first, but where some shift in perspective makes it both doable and beautiful.

His videos generally start with some problem, usually a question or a puzzle. The viewer is then encouraged to “pause and ponder” based on his narrative style. Grant believes doing this will help the viewers grasp the concept better.

Grant Sanderson Relationship Status

There are no reports about Grant Sanderson’s relationships or dating history. It is believed that the Youtuber is currently single.

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