David Ryan Net Worth

David Ryan is an American stock investor who is prominent for winning the United States Investing Championship three years in a row.

David Ryan Net Worth

David Ryan’s net worth is estimated at $5 million. He acquired this through his success in trading and investing. 

After graduating from the university, he joined William O’Neil + Co., Inc in Los Angeles. While working there, he advised clients on the general market trends and on what stocks to select or invest in. He also worked as the Portfolio Manager of the NEW USA MUTUAL FUND. 

In July 1998, David Ryan established Ryan Capital Management based in Santa Monica, California. He also managed Rustic Partners for 15 years. His company is an advisory firm and guides their customers on stock investments.

Personal Life

David Ryan attended the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). In 1982 he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in History. He also has an MBA from the College of Business Administration at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Ryan is a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, having been initiated in the Delta Eta Chapter at UCLA in 1979. He is an avid tennis player and a member of Riviera Country Club and the Bel-Air Bay Club, both in Los Angeles.

Ryan is also known for his philanthropic efforts as he is a member of the board of trustees of a nonprofit organization, Union Rescue Mission, which aims to help the poor and the homeless.

Professional Career

After his graduation, Ryan got a job as a runner with Pacific Stock Exchange for a few months. After that stint, he worked at William O’Neil & Company. He was hired part-time, making only $5.00 an hour. After some time, he was hired as a full-time employee and became O’Neil’s protege. Working directly under O’Neil is said to be one of the reasons why Ryan is so successful as an investor and trader. He referred to O’Neil as his role model. David worked there for 17 years and he utilized the CANSLIM trading strategy.

He founded Ryan Capital Management in July 1998. In his company, he worked as the investment strategist and portfolio manager. His company offered expert advice on stock market, investment and investment. They also managed some of their clients’ portfolios. He also managed a hedge fund, Rustic Partners, for 15 years in Santa Monica, California.

David Ryan believes in the use of a trading journal and has one himself. When asked what advice he can give to young traders he said,  “When you are able to understand why you entered and exited a trade, you can then pinpoint your trading errors and learn from them.”

The trader won the U.S. Investing Championship three consecutive years in 1985, 1986, and 1987.

Ryan co-authored a book called “Momentum Masters: A Roundtable Interview with Super Traders” in 2015. He wrote the book along with other famous and very good traders – Mark Minervini, Dan Zanger, and Mark Ritchie II.

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